While some charities are steadily seeing a decline in donations and participation due to economic downfall across the globe, others are able to thrive due to having visionary members of their donating community. Entrepreneurs like Reza Mokhtarian, are showing that to be a leader in the global market, you must first be a visionary in your community.

Educated at The University of Toronto, Reza Mokhtarian is a Private Investor/Venture Capitalist who has dedicated his life to giving back to others.  He controls a private fund which is dedicated to capitalizing on global markets through persistence, ambition, drive and momentum. According to Mokhtarian, “The gift of seeing someone smile as a result of what I did is more satisfying than earning money itself for me.”

Currently dividing his time between Miami, Toronto and Los Angeles, Mokhtarian is dedicated to working with philanthropic organizations such as: World Vision Canada, Feed the Children and The United Way, in efforts to fulfill a life long desire to be a force of change—especially with children. Reza Mokhtarian has not only been able to transform lives but has opened his wallet to give over $450,000.00 to the less fortunate within the last month alone.

Mokhtarian’s desire to be a “light of change” comes from his personal trials and tribulations after immigrating from “war torn” Iran with his family in 1989 to live in Canada. Intently watching his father work long hours as a dishwasher and going many nights without enough food, Mokhtarian began to lay the groundwork for the vision of his empire. While many teens were going to football games and dances, Reza Mokhtarian launched R.M. Enterprises, a software/hardware development firm at age 16. Within 6 months it was catering to some of the biggest franchises in Ontario further propelling Mokhtarian into the global entrepreneur he is today.

Currently Reza Mokhtarian is adding to his visionary outlook on life by donating $150,000 to build a new school in India and donating $450,000 to build a school and medical center in Columbia. His vision of his future is not only helping others but being the “Robin Hood of the new century!”

Source by tiffany