Some might argue that roulette is purely a game of chance, you can never really tell for certain which number is going to play, while others swear that roulette is a game of skill, you gotta know how to read the table. Well if the latter were true more people would be going home with pockets full of money. Maybe it would be more truthful to say that roulette like all other casino games is a game of chance and pure luck. This would be a more realistic approach as no matter what strategy you might devise if luck is not on your side when that roulette wheel stops spinning you can bet your number won’t be staring back at you.

Still there are others who swear that the chances of winning at roulette depends on who the dealer is, you know the guy spinning the wheel. This idea sounds so farfetched that it makes you want to smack the fool who thought of it. If this were really the case then the dealer/spinner would most probably be accused of cheating.

Many people who gamble whether in a physical or an online casino, often times try to devise some sort of strategy at coming up with the winning number, but so far no one has ever been inducted into the Guinness book of record for creating a fool proof sure-win strategy for roulette or any other casino gambling game for that matter. Even the best devised betting system will not guarantee that you are going to be the next casino millionaire, no matter how fool proof the system may seem. Furthermore there are people out there on the internet who offer betting systems for sale that they swear are guaranteed to make you a winner, well you should be very wary of these sales pitch as there is no guarantees when it comes to playing roulette or other similar gambling games.

In conclusion the plain truth is winning a game of roulette or any other casino gambling game depends on luck rather that skill. Some people are just plain luckier than others and seem to win at the roulette table more often than others. Roulette is really not that much difference than buying a lottery ticket, you take a chance and buy a lottery ticket hoping that it will win and if lady luck is on your side your numbers will come up, it’s as simple as that, well it’s the same with playing roulette you take a chance and bet on some numbers and if lady luck happens to smile on you, your numbers will be a winner.

With that said and done just remember playing at those casino games whether it’s roulette or the slot machines, it does not really matter, you should be having fun, enjoying yourself, so don’t worry if you are not a winner just relax and enjoy yourself and who knows maybe one of these day you might be surprised to find that you have finally hit the jackpot and have become the newest millionaire.

Source by Sarah H