Making money on Runescape is ALWAYS a challenge. Most guides you read are not helpful simply because they do NOT tell you how much you can make per hour.

For example a LOT of guides simply tell you to "woodcut" till level 99 cutting yews or magic logs. This can take MONTHS and is a complete waste of time … or at least very less effective. Making money on runescape is about getting the maximum return on your TIME!

So … in order to solve this problem I carefully tracked each and every monster, their drops, the time it took, and their value!

Of course, with monster killing, there are MANY variable you need to be aware of. Not everyone will get as many kills as me (I am fairly high level) and some players will easily get more kills than me. This guide is simply meant to give you an idea of ​​what CAN be accomplished and extremely where you want to focus your efforts.

As a general rule of thumb you will get bored killing the same monster over and over again so I recommend switching it up a bit!

Based on results here are the TOP 5 monsters to kill on Runescape for money (this is based purely on easy killing and NOT high level monster OR getting "rare" drops).

# 1 – Avansie

Total Kill Time (min) 125
Total Kills 305
Kills PER HOUR 146
Gold PER HOUR 462,274
Exp PER HOUR 26,875
Total Experience 55,988
Total Earned 963,071

# 2 – Ghostly Warrior (s)

Total Kill Time (min) 124
Total Kills 652
Kills PER HOUR 315
Gold PER HOUR 264,580
Exp PER HOUR 55,525
Total Experience 114752 (44 HP x 4 EXP x 652 Kills)
Total Earned 546,799

# 3 – Ankou (s)

Total Kill Time (min) 131
Total Kills 546
Kills PER HOUR 250
Gold PER HOUR 250,250
Exp PER HOUR 60,018
Total Experience 131,040 (60 HP x 4 EXP x 546 Kills)
Total Earned 546,380

# 4 – Moss Giant (s)

Total Kill Time (min) 118 minutes
Total Kills 388
Kills PER HOUR 197
Gold PER HOUR 191,000
Exp PER HOUR 47,349
Total Experience 93,120 (60 HP x 4 EXP x 388 Kills)
Total Earned 375,634

# 5 – Cockroach Soldier

Total Kill Time (min) 120
Total Kills 245
Kills PER HOUR 122
Gold PER HOUR 182,464
Exp PER HOUR 47,040
Total Experience 94,080 (96 HP x 4 EXP x 245 Kills)
Total Earned 364,929

Source by David Gordon-Smith