In this article I look at the life cycle of the online marketer and the reason why only a handful of online marketers really make it big online. The normal pattern of growth for many people involves a lot of research in the early stages of their online involvement, some small success and ultimate disappointment.

The first thing you must realise about an online business, or any business for that matter, is that in order to be really successful you must scale up your business. By this I mean to leverage your efforts exponentially to reap a proportionately greater return from your time and money to truly scale up your business.

Lets take an example. Say your business model is the building of multiple Adsense sites and your method of building traffic is the tried and trusted method of article marketing. Article marketing really works incredibly well but as you taste initial success with your site,although on a small scale, to be really successful you just need to ramp up your efforts and build more sites..and write more articles.

But there is a limit to the amount of articles that one person can write and your growth of multiple blogs with unique content will be severely curtailed by the restriction of relying only on yourself to write article. For this reason you need to outsource and even though there will be an initial cost involved you really need to recognise that article marketing works, you are making money (albeit small) and you need to bite the bullet and invest some cash in having articles written for you to drive traffic to your blogs.

Places like Odesk and Elance provide plenty of hungry online workers who will be only too willing to write for you. This will immediately free you up to oversee the building of your business and will allow you to step back and tweak your business model and not having you ploughing ahead trying to do everything yourself.

The key to outsourcing is simple-firstly prove to yourself that whatever business model you are pursuing works. Then, and only then, invest in your business by outsourcing and really see your business take off.

There are many other facets of online business that you can outsource such as social bookmarking, article submissions and so on. These can be very time consuming tasks and will really benefit from outsourcing allowing you to build your online empire.

Source by Bruce Dillon