RYZE.Ai claims to be our “Automated Investment Future,” used by “thousands of people around the world.” Really? Or perhaps it’s a SCAM? Stick around for this quick review if you’d like to hear our answer!

What is RYZE.Ai?

RYZE.Ai, available in several languages, including English, Français, Nederlands, Español, Malay, Chinese and Thai, is supposedly promoting an algorithm which executes trading in the currency and commodities markets, specifically it trades the following currencies:

  • GBP and USD
  • EUR and USD
  • USD and CHF
  • XAG and USD
  • AUD and CHF

In short, RYZE.Ai seems to be a Forex auto trader. Unlike other auto traders, the creators of this one actually try to explain how their system works. “The algorithm operates under a unique and proprietary trade strategy positioning trades as a bridge liquidity provider. Becoming a bridge liquidity provider removes speculation and makes the system a safe and sound investment tool.”

Now, this explanation sounds good, we know, and legit as well, but as a matter of fact, it’s a whole lot of bullshit. There’s no algorithm in existence which can “remove the speculation” out of trading. Trading is speculative. And anyone claiming otherwise is just trying to scam you!

The Ryze.Ai platform is supposed to help you maintain control of your account while it executes trades on your behalf based on… AI. That’s Artificial Intelligence. Yes. The creators of this potential fraudulent website are claiming they have developed a trading robot based on Artificial Intelligence… They go on explaining how their platform features “QuantIQ,” a Quantum wave superposition algorithm written for the MT4 platform using MQL4 language.

If that seems too much, the creators of Ryze.Ai has a lot more technical mumbo jumbo for you:

The Ryze.Ai platform is hosted in undisclosed clouds location around the world for added safety and is redundant. (dedicated parallel servers). Clouds are linked to the brokerage firm servers using AES encryption algorithms (Advanced encryption systems).  Its execution is measured in (Milliseconds) making this proprietary QuantIQ the most unique and the top performer in today’s marketplace. The proprietary program realizes profit on a daily basis!

It goes on and on… Don’t feel stupid. You’re not the only who doesn’t understand this. It was written to seem sophisticated and to make you believe you’re reading about a legit system. If you can’t understand it, it must be something good… right? No!

The Risk of Forex

You need to understand that Ryze.Ai is a Foreign exchange trading system, which carries a very high level of risk. You could lose all of your initial investment and should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. We would never trust our money with robots. Not even ones with “AI.” If you’re looking for trading signals, seek them from professional human traders, not robots.

Who is Behind RYZE.Ai?

On some places the company behind Ryze.Ai is referred to as Capital City Markets. In other places on the same site, such as the Terms and Conditions page, Capital City Markets is not mentioned. Instead, the company is referred to as Ryze.Ai. In other places, it seems that the site belongs to Hodo Global (more on this later.)

The site ryzeai.com was created on December 2016 by Travis Bott of 1460 Cedar Hollar Rd., Prosper Texas 75078 US. Telephone: 18015993438. Email: Travis.bott@gmail.com. This information is publicly visible on ICANN. We did contact Travis Bott and got a reply from him that he does not work for Hodo and is not a member of Hodo Global LLC. He’s also not the owner or creator of Ryze, just the person that introduced it to Hodo. He secured the the domain because he provides marketing services.

Contact Information

US Telephone: 14692073075

Email: support@ryzeai.com

They also have a contact form.

Address: 1750 W. University Dr #126 Mckinney, TX 75069

Now, regarding this address, we were able to find that a travel agency called TripSpin is based in that address. TripSpin is mentioned on Hodo.biz, and Hodo.biz is referred to from RYZE.Ai. What’s the connection between those 3 entities? We’ll get to that later.

We also found another address on the website:

1750 E. Stacy Rd #126, Mckinney, TX 75069.

Again, we couldn’t verify the business exists in that address. And it looks strangely similar to the previous address.


Nowhere on the ryzeai.com site did we find a mention of regulation. If this is a Forex trading site, shouldn’t we at least get some information regarding which brokers they work with and whether they are regulated? In the US, Forex brokers need to be regulated by the CFTC in order to be allowed to accept American traders.

Account Types

Two account types are available with RYZE.Ai.

The first is the Long Term Growth account: Your funds are invested for 24 months or longer. During this time, your daily profits are supposed to accumulate, creating a compounding effect.

Cash Flow Strategy is used if you’d like to withdraw your profits on a monthly or quarterly basis to supplement cash flow. It supposedly works best if profits are accumulated and left in account for 90 days prior to first profit.

Obviously, the guys in RYZE.Ai would like you to say “Goodbye” to your money for as long as possible, if not for GOOD!

How Much Does it Cost?

So what’s RYZE.Ai’s (stated) business model? The initial first month subscription RYZE.Ai is $199 regardless of your deposit amount or the monthly tier you choose when going through ordering process. The monthly subscription tier fee will begin the following month on the anniversary date of your initial order. For deposits of $500-1,500, your fee would be $12.50, and this number grows up to $7,500 for deposits between $500K to $1M.

Ryze.Ai Prices


RYZE.Ai has some strict rules regarding sharing your results with others. While it’s allowed to show people your own personal account results and to talk about past profits in your own personal account only, it’s not allowed to post results or projected future results based on past performance. You also are required to state that past performance does not guarantee future results, anytime you show or discuss results of your personal account.

Presumably, these are instructions for would be promoters/recruiters of this system.


Partial withdrawals from RYZE.Ai accounts are allowed only for clients having a minimum balance of $2,000 in their account. You must have a balance of $500 in order for trading to continue. Capital City Markets (CCM) encourages all of their clients to make withdrawals only during the distribution cycle, which is when the “Open P/L” positions are 10% or less of your balance. Now, if you’re trying to withdraw $2,000 from a $10,000 account, you should expect to receive just $1,775 after deducting fees for “Open P/L” positions which must be closed as well as any bank processing fees.

What about full withdrawals, we’re wondering… do they allow those?

Because if they don’t, you’re going to have a lot of trouble getting your money back due to this sentence in their Terms of Use document: “You agree to pay for any and all purchases and services using your name and credit card through this Site, not to challenge any such charges and to pay for all collections and/or attorneys fees resulting from any non-payment.”


Ryze.Ai says they offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on all initial subscription fees paid to the company. Subsequent fees are nonrefundable. If you live in Puerto Rico, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts or Wyoming you have the right to cancel at any time, regardless of reason. If you live in Montana, you may cancel your subscription within 15 days from the date of purchase and get a full refund.


According to Alexa.com, ryzeai.com is not so popular with a global rank of 933,213 at the time of writing. Many of the visitors to the site appear to be from the US, Canada, Switzerland and Singapore.

We were able to determine that they are promoted mainly on Facebook and YouTube.


Apparently, RYZE.Ai has an affiliate program through a site called Hodo. It’s explained on RYZE.Ai with the following words: “With you introducing the technology to others, you can be compensated. Yes, YOU can benefit from referring other consumers to incredible technologies that create the type of lifestyle that people truly desire.” Basically, spread the scam; we’ll pay you!

In a different place on the site, they explain that Hodo has secured the right to license the technology to its members. Hodo members can open an account with only $500 (normal minimum $250,000).

It seems there are different blogs that are promoting the system, which is why they found it important to explicitly state that “Capital City Markets provides references and links to selected blogs and other sources of economic and market information as an educational service to its clients and prospects but does not endorse the opinions or recommendations of the blogs or other sources of information.”

So what’s Hodo exactly? We were wondering the same thing!

HODO Global, LLC is a company based in 1750 W. University Dr #126 Mckinney, TX 75069. This address again?! So RYZE.Ai is Hodo? Because they sure seem to have the same address. Their phone number is 14692073075. They also have a UK office. Their website, hodo.biz, is slightly popular in the US, Canada and Singapore.

What Hodo does is to teach people how to market their site, which offers several products in the online investing and travel industries. When you sign up as a Hodo affiliate, you get a subdomain. For example, travelglobal.hodo.biz and binaryoptionswatchdog.hodo.biz (j/k, this last one doesn’t exist… yet). When you bring to Hodo.biz clients through your sub domain, they compensate you, whether by giving you a fixed fee per sale (CPA) or a percentage of the revenue (Rev Share.)

According to Hodo.biz, “the average annual gross revenue for Business Associates is projected to be anywhere between $500 and $2,000.” But they remind you that these numbers do not reflect the expenses associated with building a Hodo business, which could exceed the commissions received and that success with Hodo results only from hard work, dedication, and leadership.

So… you can expect to make $1,000-2,000 per year as an Hodo partner? That’s not too promising to be honest. We could probably come up with better affiliate programs for those of you who are interested.


As a Hodo partner, you have two main products to sell. The Ryze.Ai Auto Trader and TripSpin, a site that allows you to find the best travel deals.

RYZE.Ai Review Conclusion

After spending a lot more time than we intended with this Ryze.Ai and Hodo Review, we are finally starting to see the big picture. TripSpin had a great idea to create a partner network to promote their travel product. Personally, we prefer the fremium pricing strategy, but that’s OK… Wanting to expand into other niches, they seem to have chosen the online investing niche. Unfortunately, Ryze.Ai tries to do the impossible, namely to trade the forex markets profitably on complete autopilot without regards to fundamental news. Without any information about the brokers available with Ryze.Ai and proof that it really works, we’re unfortunately unable to currently believe this software is anything but a scam.

Review Verdict: Ryze.Ai seems to be a SCAM!

Reviewed Website: ryzeai.com

For now, we’d suggest looking for Forex signals elsewhere.

Granted, we haven’t tested the software. Therefore, we’re asking for your feedback. Did you try the Ryze.Ai auto trader? Please leave a message below and let us know about your experience. If you have proof that Ryze.Ai works, please email it to us at BinaryOptionsWatchdog@gmail.com.

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