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Such as those which you knowledge that the meaning of Clove cigarettes is “Kretek cigarettes” Kreteks were made by Haji Jamahri in the early 1880’s for medicinal purposes. The clove cigarettes processed by famous Madura Tobacco from East Java and mixed of Indonesian nature clove or spices then produce sensational exotic fragrance from typical of Indonesia tropical island.

The manufacturer of Kretek is incredibly process in several place in Indonesia, kretek not contain just only domestic quality tobaccos but use variation like clove, nutmeg, flavoring and a mysterious sauce. Clove cigarette or kretek manufactures by special fragrance pleasure from typical Indonesian cultural and traditions. where in the early 1881, kretek cigarette use for healing and thought to help asthma and some ethnic for worship to the God, with this invention make clove cigarette popular in market and nearly 1990 several successful tobacco companies in Indonesia start to commercialise the kretek to the world. offers the freshness and famous clove cigarettes brands like: Djarum, Sampoerna, Bentoel, Gudang Garam, Wismilak, Panglima, U Mild, and other clove cigarettes selection.

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