Salsa dancing can be a good alternative for working out. A primary reason why most people stop following exercise and workout programs is their lack of goal setting and of course, motivation. This is why a growing number of the population shift to salsa dancing in order to compensate for their regular dose of exercise, as it not only trumps a regular workout by being fun, but it can also be an easy way to lose weight.

In the gym or when doing regular exercise practices like jogging, repetition resistance exercises, or weight training, there is a danger of boring or discouraging yourself due to the repetitive, exhausting, and even extremely hard exercise tasks required to be repeated in order to be successful. And, the results of all this hard work cannot be obviously seen during initial few weeks or even months at the start of the program. Salsa dancing is completely different from this.

Starting to learn dance, specifically the salsa dance is totally different from the gym based exercise programs. It is extremely enjoyable as salsa dancing – moving and grooving to the energetic salsa beats – is fun and easy. Learning how to dance salsa can be as easy as watching several dance videos and practicing in front of a mirror. Because most people learn dance with partners it is also a great personal experience.

In addition to this, there are a wide range of different salsa dancing styles that you can choose from. Unlike working out at the gym where you are only limited to a couple of different workout machines and methods, salsa dancing can offer you variety that can easily spice up any dull routine. If you learn the basic steps and principles of salsa, you can easily shift to any of the different styles like New York style, Miami style, Casino Rueda and the most popular LA style.

Salsa dance lessons are also easy to find. Apart from being a fun activity in itself salsa dance lessons can also help you create more friends who have the same drive and passion towards learning how to dance salsa. Public salsa dancing lessons can become good way expand your social network while enjoying a good and fruitful workout.

Salsa dance lessons can be easily found in most cities and are also offered at affordable rates. Salsa dancing lessons can be undertaken in one to one, group, or even public settings. These salsa dancing lessons are great opportunities for meeting new people with the same passion and interest toward healthy living and dancing. There are also a lot of events and tournaments sponsored by the local salsa community that a new salsa dancer can join, further expanding the chance for social networking.

No matter what it is that you are looking for, a pastime, an effective method to lose weight and get toned, a new hobby or skill, a way to meet and interact with new people, or just to relax and eliminate stress, choosing to learn salsa dance is always the best move. With salsa dancing, there’s completely nothing to lose, except for your shyness and few excess pounds, yet there’s a whole lot to gain

Source by Jennifer Ramos