I don’t know about you but lately I’ve been seeing Sam Ovens consulting ads all over the place.

Whether it’s YouTube or Facebook, he’s been everywhere lately so it got me thinking is Sam Ovens the real deal or is this guy a scam? I’ve been doing some research and now I’m going to share all the details about Sam Ovens!

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Sam Ovens – Who This Guy?

I first came across Sam Ovens a couple of years ago. I think it was a YouTube ad maybe where he talked about how he was crushing it with consulting and making a 6-figure income from it. A couple of years later it seems he has continued to grow and now he’s done multiple 7-figures and even has many 6 & 7 figure students who have followed in his footsteps and started making a fortune from consulting.

So what’s this guys backstory then and is he legit? After doing some digging I’m confident that he is legit. He’s an entrepreneur originally from Auckland, New Zealand. He started 2 successful companies by the age of 24 while he was still living and working at his parents house. He calls himself a “digital marketing consultant” and he helps companies to make more money through digital marketing. He manages ad spend for big clients and helps them to improve their return on investment. Sam has also founded a company called SnapInspect which is a property inspection app which helps people/companies that do property management.

Is Sam Ovens A Scam?

There’s a lot of people asking whether Sam Ovens is a scammer and it’s clear from the Google searches that many people are wondering. In my opinion he’s clearly not a scammer. The real reason I think some people will brand him as one is because he does a lot of advertising online and the majority of people are skeptics. They call out what they don’t understand as a scam. The exact same thing has happened with Tai Lopez. Tai Lopez has spent millions advertising online to grow his own personal brand similar to what Sam Ovens has done and many people have called him a scammer even though he’s not.

If you ask me, Sam Ovens similar to Tai Lopez is actually one of the good guys online offering a lot of value, and the majority of that value is for free. He’s even been featured in Entrepreneur giving tips on how to grow a successful business. Running this blog I come across real scams everyday from people who literally offer zero value. So I can tell you 100% that Sam Ovens is not a scammer.

Is Sam Ovens Consulting Worth It?

I haven’t personally been through the Sam Ovens consulting training however after doing some research online and finding others who have been through it, it’s clear that the reviews are actually quite mixed. Some people state that they have had an absolutely amazing experience and have made a lot of money whilst other people complain about poor support and slow refunds being processed. In my experience being an online marketer for the past several years and really understanding how people operate when it comes to making money online my understanding is that there are really 2 types of people. The first type of person is a real action taker and someone who implements the Sam Ovens consulting program and sees the desired results. One person was able to their already successful business at $17k per month to well over $200k per month. The 2nd type of person is one that will do nothing even when presented with the blueprint to making money.

I have worked with people who do this. I will literally lay it out step-by-step exactly what they need to do to make money, yet they will still procrastinate and find a reason not to do the work, and then claim that it’s a scam. So whilst I haven’t been through the Sam Ovens consulting program I do have a general feel for what it is based on other peoples experiences. You simply don’t get someone saying it’s rubbish, and someone saying they made $200k from it (verified) if the program is a scam.

That being said, from the looks of things Sam Ovens does need to improve his support so that they can issue refunds quicker. But some reviews I found were from a couple of years ago so I assume by now that this has improved.

Sam Ovens Conclusion

In conclusion after learning more about the man that has been filling up my Facebook newsfeed for so long I’m happy to state that Sam Ovens is not a scammer, he’s actually one of the good guys online and he offers a lot of value for free on his webinars before you’ll have to spend money. If you do sign up, just be prepared to actually implement what he teaches if you want to get results.

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