Sapphire M software is a brand new binary options scam with the purpose of ripping you off. We are told that the first 1000 people get to use this bogus trading program free of cost, and that everybody after that has to pay quite a substantial fee. You can even open a 500 dollar demo account where you can observe the inner workings for free. However, this is all just one big trick meant to lure you into a sense of complacency.

Nothing is free, especially when we are talking about a trading platform like Sapphire M scam software. Lisa and Jason, no last names given, are the two scam artists behind this cash grabbing scheme and they would like nothing more than to steal your money. We are doing this Sapphire M software scam review because we have found a whole lot of evidence which indicates that this is by no means a legitimate, reliable, or trustworthy trading program. Sapphire M scam software will only result in the loss of any money you invest with it!

Sapphire M Scam Software – Cheap Marketing Tricks

One of the first clear indications that this pile of junk really is a scam, is how we are told that the first one thousand people get to use it for free. After the first 100 people have signed up, anybody wanting to use Sapphire M after that, will have to pay a several hundred dollar fee every single month for the “privilege” of using it.

There is indeed a counter on the website which is supposed to count down from a thousand to show us how many spots are left. However, hour after hour, day after day, the number on the ticker never changes. This is just a really lame way of making people sign up for Sapphire M software due to fear of losing out on a deal, when in reality there is no deal to be had at all.

How Is Sapphire M Scam Software Supposed To Work?

When we are about to invest any money with any trading program like Sapphire M software, we want to know how it works. We need to be aware of the indicators in place, the market analysis tools, the strategies and methods, and what each of the algorithms do. The big issue we have with Sapphire M scam software is that they crooks behind it do a horrible job at explaining any of this. We are simply told that this trading platform analyses the market, looks at market conditions, eliminates, noise, and looks at price fluctuations.

This is a very broad explanation and at the end of the day it really does not give us much info to work with. Those are things which every trading program should do without question, yet we are still never informed of any of the algorithms, strategies, or indicators in place. When we have no idea what a program really does, there is no chance that we would ever invest a single penny with it. It is just not worth the risk.



Sapphire M Software – The Fake Demo Account

Another big red flag which is an obvious signal that Sapphire M software is a rip-off is the free $500 demo account. This demo account uses fake money to make trades so that you can see how the program works. Of course, in this demo account, virtually all of the trades made are winners and you end up with a whole lot of fake profits. The problem with this demo account is that all of the trades are totally fabricated. They do not take place in real time, do not use real signals, and are completely manipulated by whoever is behind this scam.

Once you go to actually sign up for a real account, the results start to look very different. Sapphire M scam software is designed to lose all of the trades it makes. Or to be exact, it is designed to look like it is losing trades. Sapphire M software does not actually make trades at all. In fact, the whole platform is just an empty shell which the scam brokers use to drain your trading account of all funds which you have deposited into it.


Sapphire M Software – Bad Brokers

Something else that quickly came to our attention about this pile of trash software is that we are never told which broker we are signing up with. The user is forced to sign up with a specific broker, which remains anonymous to us, who is totally unregulated and not licensed to operate anywhere. Undoubtedly, the only purpose that this broker serves is to empty trading accounts. Reliable and trustworthy brokers do not remain anonymous. Moreover, any good trading program will let you choose between brokers, which is something you can’t do with Sapphire M scam software.

The Criminals Behind Sapphire M Scam Software

During the presentation video, we are greeted by a couple named Lisa and Jason. Apparently Lisa is an experienced trader and Jason is the programmer who designed Sapphire M software. Apparently they are now both multi-millionaires thanks to their bogus trading software. We did some research and quickly realized that Lisa and Jason are both nothing more than paid actors.

They do not own any companies, they are not rich, and they are definitely not the brains behind this shifty operation. They were hired to read a script and to look all cute and cuddly. These people are phonies, which means that we don’t actually know who is behind Sapphire M. The only reason for the creators to stay hidden in the shadows is because they know what they are doing is illegal and they want to stay out of jail.


Sapphire M Scam Software Review Conclusion

There is no doubt in our minds that this software is a completely bogus money stealing scheme intended to leave you broke and without any money. Sapphire M software is specifically designed to steal your money and it will do just that.

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