Here comes Jasmine’s in depth Binary Robot 365 review. Is Binary Robot 365 System a Scam?. We would like to state categorically that Binary Robot 365 is not a scam. There are a lot of binary options robots in the market at the moment and the main job of those that judge these types of services is to qualify what really works and what doesn’t. There are many reviews promoted by different companies that undercut this effort to distinguish what is good from what is bad. Our effort here is to take a neutral position in evaluating the efficiency of these robots.

And departing from this stance we can state that Binary Robot 365 App is not a scam. The software is legit and you can try its demo mode to get a taste of its trading experience. What makes this robot special is the efficiency that the development team behind it was able to achieve. It was able to build a robot with reliable metrics and reliable strategies that allow users to trade efficiently the binary options market.

In this Binary Robot 365 Review, we will give you the reason behind this statement.

Binary Robot 365 Review :- Is BinaryRobot365 Scam?

The use of robots in auto trading is a trend that is already causing ripples in the binary options world. Binary Robot is an automated binary options robot that has gained a lot of popularity in 2017. The software is designed to offer services to all traders in the world and utilizes the technology used by original Robot engineered in Malta and UK not long ago.

The Binary Robot 365 platform integrates with a number of licensed brokers, giving all avid binary options traders a wide range of selection. The software has a demo mode which gives all traders the chance to familiarize with the platform before making any move to register.

As one of the most auto trading software in the binary options world, it’s very easy to review it. For this reason, it has become an easy target for reviewers who are doing everything haphazardly. This has led to many online reviews being deceptive with a few offering a genuine point of view.

To give you a deeper insight of this juvenile binary options software we have unturned every stone to compile this Binary Robot 365 review. We will start from a positive side of things through to the verdict.

Benefits / Advantages of Binary Robot 365 Website !

Binary Robot 365 Scam

The Binary Robot 365 Software is designed to be helpful to all traders both novice and experienced. It’s a pretty white hat software understands the desire for every trader to engage in profitable businesses. These claims are rightfully seconded by these three aspects of the software:

BinaryRobot365 Supports Customization.

The level of customization offered by Binary Robot365 System is of the highest caliber. The software gives traders the freedom select various parameters, use advanced money management strategies (Martingale, Classic, and Fibonacci), customize trading strategies, and make use of the 7 technical indicators. Most of the features of this software are customizable hence they give traders a lot of control. Traders are also guided to the best timing and configuration setting of the trade.

The Binary Robot 365 Have Proven Trading History…

The score card of a binary robot is of indispensable importance. The Binary Robot365 Review system certainly appreciates this fact and their devotion to maintaining a reputable track was the leverage to the rigorous testing and optimization of the software before it was launched.

This has enabled the Binary Robot 365 software to maintain a proven trading history with traders winning up to 90% of their trades. If you require more evidence to trust their word, the have dedicated a page that shows the robot’s performance in the past month(s).

Risk Management Parameters.

The risk management parameters at the disposal of all traders are truly advanced. Every trader can choose the amount to trade, the maximum number of the simultaneous trade, assets to trade, a novice you will get the chance to learn the rules trade without the fear of losing huge amounts. The Binary Robot 365 App will automatically find the best opportunity in the market and place the trades on your behave.

When you open an account with this incredible software, you will realize the following things;

BinaryRobot365 Platform Is Easy To Learn And Use !

No experience is required to use this Binary Robot 365 software, it is incredibly simple. You just open an account, fund your account and activate the Auto trade functionality to set the robot working.

Though this Trading Robot gives you the chance to develop your own system and strategies, it guarantees up to 90% win rate on trades place on the platform.

This robot automatically places trades on behave of the trader. This gives you the opportunity to trade 24/7 without the need to install or download any software.


This an amazing platform that gives you the opportunity to develop an indicator and strategy for your trades in a bid to boost your profitability.


Every trader looks to avoid loss like a plague. The presence of the fascinating stop-loss system alert is appealing to binary options trader since it helps them to set a specific loss by day so as to avoid draw-downs.

This intriguing Binary Robot 365 Review software works with a number of licensed brokers. This gives all traders the opportunity to select their appealing broker from a user-friendly drop-down menu.

Key Features of Binary Robot 365 Software.

The following are the key features of the BinaryRobot365 :-

  • Accepts traders from every part of the world
  • Use advanced money management strategies
  • Fully customizable
  • Fully automated
  • Offered for free
  • Up to 90% win-rate
  • 24/5 professional customer support
  • Live Chat support for registered clients
  • Uses most popular technical indicators during signal issuance
  • Partnered with several regulated brokers.
  • Minimum deposit of $100 or $250 depending on location and the broker

Strategy And Indicators Applicable With Binary Robot 365.

The Binary Robot 365 App uses trading strategies based on a number of very popular technical indicators such as; MACD, STOCH, RSI, CCI, Trend, and Williams.

In addition, the platform makes good use of the most common and best money management strategies which include; Fibonacci, Classic, and Martingale. Traders can select either of the strategies which are made to ensure a better win-rate for increased profitability.

Compatible Brokers – Binary Robot 365 Brokers List.

The Binary Robot365 works with a number of regulated brokers including;

Binary Robot 365 Software

Empire Option:- This is a binary option broker options broker based in Uruguay and has been in the business since 2010 and they are renowned for offering incredible bonus and a minimum deposit of $200. The broker is not US friendly and offers social and one-on-one training to all traders.

  • Maximum payout (win-rate): 87%
  • US friendly: No
  • Regulated by: CySec
  • Minimum deposit: 250

24Option:- US traders cannot use this broker which offers at least 100 assets for trading.

  • Maximum payout (win-rate): 87%
  • US friendly: No
  • Regulated by: CySec
  • Minimum deposit: 250

Tradorox:- This a us friendly broker developed by Tech Financials and has been in the industry for more than four years

  • Maximum payout (win-rate): 85%
  • US friendly: yes
  • Regulated by: no
  • Minimum deposit: $250

Other Brokers include StockPair, Plus Option ..

Is There any Drawback For BinaryRobot365 ? Is BinaryRobot365 a Scam?

Despite all the positive side this trading tool has its flip side, some of the most conspicuous drawback includes;

  • Mechanical Failure/ Manual Trading .

For effective trading one must ensure there is smooth internet connections all through. Internet outages might cause system failure and trigger trades on your PC without initiating the same on the server. This means trade orders will not be triggered to the market. This is a cloud-based application and everything is dependent on internet connectivity, whether you are using a tablet, PC, or Mobile devices you must be well connected.

The risk parameters are sent manually and this is a major drawback. This makes trading on Binary Robot 365 platform tricky for novices who are not aware of the methods and terminologies of binary options trading.

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The Binary Robot 365 System is one of the best Binary trading robot available in the modern markets. Its partnership with licensed and regulated brokers is geared towards helping traders achieve profits in the binary options world.

We have reviewed Binary Robot 365 website’s results page and their performance is truly evident and scam free. There is a lot of fuss about this software and this has confused many especially the beginners. But one thing is for sure the Binary Robot 365 Review software is designed with every trader in mind including the beginners. No experience is required to make profitable profits on this software, open an account, funds and let this robot work magic.

There are a few Binary Options robot to trade safely and profitably! Head over to our Recommended Signals page. You should also check our Binary Options Scams where we have exposed all fraudsters like Quantum Code scam. Share you feedback’s below 🙂

4* Binary Robot 365 Review : Scam Free System With Best Results

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