Have you checked My Profit Ball Review ? This Scam Profit Ball System has arrived with a bang and it’s being masqueraded as a legit trading application which relies on sports psychology strategy to win trades at all times. Throughout the course of analyzing Profit Ball software for trading binary options, we’ve come across people who try devising all kinds of idiotic theories to support their poor performance software.

Therefore, Profit Ball Review software is not a surprise to us even when they promise you that it will generate $7,000 per week. Look, if you asked us whether this amount of money was realistic to achieve using this software, we’d say a big No. Profit Ball Co system is just a fraud that lures rookie investors with the ideology of sports psychology, when the truth is that sports psychology has nothing to do with binary options trading. This is just a get-rich-quick scheme in disguise.

Read Profit Ball Review First Before Joining The Scam !!

We sought to know the owners of the Profit Ball Company. However, we were forced to believe that this entity was managed by Terry Mason and Joshua – who are obviously suspicious characters.

Their Website :- www.profitball.co/lp.php  ( Avoid Joining )

The number one reason why we take them for a joke is because they promise 100% accuracy in forecasting matters related to trading with this Profit Ball Review software, thanks to their ‘’surefire’’ system which never fails. But we all know that there is no system that can trade with that kind of accuracy.

Just in case you doubt, check the fine print text on the footer of the Profit Ball website and you will see that you are being warned against the risky nature of binary options trading no matter the system you use to trade it. This simply means that the owner of this website has no control over what the markets do, despite touting that Profit Ball software will predict the correct direction of the market with 100% accuracy.

In fact, they just confessed that Profit Ball review system is not a guarantee to success. So why do they continue touting the $7000 income per week threshold? Because they hope you won’t read the fine print. They also know that most rookie traders never ask the hard questions before investing in too-good-to-be true offers.

Experience has taught that people can’t turn a small investment of $250 into $7,000 a week. Anyone who insists that it is possible with a trading robot is definitely a liar. According to Joshua (the alleged financial analyst), Profit Ball signals are generated by sports psychology analysis where the profits of a stock is anticipated based on the number of sponsors who are supporting the team. This Profit Ball App will enter the trade in advance as it waits for the stock to sore upwards.

In other words, this is just fundamental analysis, where guys consider factors that will likely make a stock increase or plummet. It is not any different. In fact, the term sports psychology is used here to confuse and make you think that it’s a unique trading algorithm never heard before.

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Why We Are 100% Convinced That Profit Ball Platform is A Scam ?

Profit Ball Scam

If the explanation of this Profit Ball Review system is anything to go by, then Profit Ball software wouldn’t trade currency pairs. Sports psychology analysis cannot be used where currency pairs are involved.

So, will it record good results if we decided to apply it on stock trading only? Again, the answer is rather simple. Binary option is mainly involved in trading currency pairs and not stocks. We therefore see that even if this Profit Ball software can analyze stocks with 100% accuracy, there is simply no option to trade them in binary form. This means that the concept is a lie. It is not even practical at its present form.

Secondly, in realistic trading, one cannot achieve a 100% success rate. One cannot make $7,000 a week whether they like it or not. The highest success rate we’ve ever seen is 80%. Moreover, making a large chunk of profit in a short time depends on what you initially invested. You cannot turn $250 into 7k in one week, unless you’re using magic.

Terry Mason and Joshua – The Profit Ball Creators :- Who Are They?

Profit Ball

They claim to be the founders of this Profit Ball system; hence we had to talk about them a little bit. Sadly, investigations reveal that they have nothing to do with trading. They don’t have connections with Wall Street or Wells Fargo.

But they certainly act on behalf of the developers of this poor performing software to trick investors and ultimately steal their money. Also, they are not famous anywhere, meaning that you can never find their social profiles for identification purposes.

What we mean here is that the characters don’t exist in real life. Their sports psychology theory is total nonsense because one can never be sure with trading no matter what algorithm they use. Trading is a game of winning and losing. Anyone who says they can win 100% of the time is definitely a fool or a liar.

Fake Profit Ball Reviews & Testimonials !!

The Profit Ball scam insists on using fake reviews just like scams do. Scroll downwards and you will probably see a slide show of user reviews which are supposed to convince us that this software is so good.

First of all, if these Profit Ball reviews were real, they would have been channeled through social media first. Social media can give us a very clear picture of what customers are saying. Unfortunately, with this one, the only reviews we have are fake ones as published in the slide show which you just saw on the website. And what makes it worse is that these so-called real customers don’t have names yet. What more proof do you need to get convinced that Profit Ball is a scam?

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Conclusion :- The Profit Ball System is 100% SCAM !!

To summarize it all, we can say that Profit Ball App doesn’t have any credible information to back it up. No real user reviews or trading results to prove that this system works. The trading results table which you’re seeing on this website is simply part of the larger Profit Ball scam strategy to steal money. The results don’t look realistic. Also, they screwed it up when they said that they were operating a 24/7 customer support desk, which is not true. No phone numbers or physical address to reach this business. There is no real way to contact the owner of the Profit Ball website. You only need to rely on their feedback once you sign up. Now, it is widely accepted that such are the true characteristics of a scam.

Profit Ball Review : Scam Sports Software Exposed With Proofs!

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