In this Scentsy review, I would like to give you some advice that you can utilize to not only make money with Scentsy, but to become a long-term success in your business.

Scentsy is a network marketing business opportunity which gives you the ability to share with others the products that you enjoy, and make some extra income along the way.

You will be paid commissions based upon your personal production and sales of their products. These commissions will range from 20% to 30%, and the spread is dependent upon your level of production.

The training that you will receive from Scentsy is going to be very similar to many other multi-level marketing businesses that use the traditional network marketing methods to build a business. You will be encouraged to promote your business and products through the contacting of friends and relatives. You will be conducting many home parties and product shows to market your products, and hopefully attract some new consultants along the way.

While, you can make some good money through selling the products personally, the rewarding and passive income is going to be derived from your recruiting efforts. This allows you to leverage the time and effort of others. As you increase the size of your downline, you will benefit from all of the personal sales of your team. As you teach them to duplicate your efforts, you can step back and let your downline do the selling for you. This will free up your time to increase your recruiting efforts, and start building a large organization.

Now the bad news! 97% of those who utilize the methods that Scentsy teaches are going to fail in their Scentsy business. Simply because you can quickly saturate your warm market of family and friends. Also, people who are close to you can often times be your biggest critics, and we as individuals simply do not know enough people to make a business of this magnitude a success.

What are you going to have to do to set yourself apart, and become one of the 3% that find success in multi-level marketing? You have to market yourself as a leader, and spend less time marketing your actual products and business opportunity. You have to realize that people join people. They do not join companies. People follow people who have been successful, and have built a reputation of creating success in the lives of others who join them. Build a reputation that offers answers and solutions to the everyday problems that people face in their personal and professional lives.

If you set yourself apart, and market yourself in a manner where you become an expert and leader in your industry, people will be running to join you. This is ultimately the way that you beat the odds, and become a success in your Scentsy business, or any other business that you might build in the future.

Source by Dave Fennell