Did you ever have a mental image of the perfect scrapbook sticker for your project? But could not find it?

SOLUTION; Make your own scrapbook sticker from scratch just the way YOU want it. It is CHEAP and EASY and we will show you how it is done with double stick tape.

Think outside the box and consider materials other than paper; cloth for example. All you need to do to make a scrapbook sticker is:

  • Place the tape on the back of your sticker material.
  • Using scissors cut the sticker to the desired shape.

You are done! Now just peel the protective backing off the sticker and place it in your album.

When mounting trinkets to your scrapbook or album; double stick tape as many advantages over other adhesives.

  • Double sided tape is semi permanent. While the tape will permanently attach your doodad to your scrapbook, it can be removed or repositioned if needed.
  • It immediately attaches your knickknack to your book. There is no drying time; you can continue to work on your project.
  • No need to use temporary tape or clothespins to hold your What-cha-ma-call-it in place while your adhesive cures.
  • It works well on almost any type of surface from rough & porous to smooth & hard.
  • Double sided tape will conform to just about any shape thing-a-ma-jig you can find.
  • Carpet tape is cheap in comparison to most other adhesives (considering area of coverage) and it will not harden or dry up before you use it.

Cleaner!  There is no ooze (tube glue), no mixing (epoxy), no overspray (aerosol adhesives), no lumps (stick glues) and You can not spill it.

Here is an example of using double stick tape to mount several items to a page in our vacation album. 


  • Casino Brochure.
  • Playing cards purchased at the gift shop.
  • First dollar chip won at the blackjack table.
  • Oregon Travel guide.

Here are 2 helpful tips for using this mounting technique.

When selecting your double stick tape; avoid the cloth type carpet tape, it is harder to work with and does not lay as flat as vinyl based tapes.

Use mineral spirits to clean cutting tools

Consider using double stick tape next time you are mounting mementoes in your family album.

Source by Mike R Edwards