While there could be several online publishing websites, the two that most people go to seem to be www.scribd.com and www.yudu.com. Yudu seems to be more complicated and less user-friendly than scribd.com. Though I tried several different links, I could not figure out how to download something that was published online. On scribd.com I had no problems as there was an identifiable button to download.  

Yudu is a U.K. based company while Scribd is a U.S. based one. However, both companies have been online for several years and are doing quite well. But scribd.com has more subscribers and publications online.

Both companies allow you to upload files of several different types including Microsoft Word, PDF, and Microsoft Power Point. Once uploaded, you can easily see it and how it looks like to other users. Though the technology is not the same, both websites allow you to easily upload documents and show it to the general public or you can designate the documents for private viewing online.

Before you choose which website is best for you (though of course you can go with both), try out a single document and see which is easiest to upload and take care of. Both websites allow the user to interact with a user-friendly dashboard. You can see which documents you’ve uploaded and you can easily add multiple documents.

I am not going to say which one is my favorite ( that is for you to choose ). The only thing I can do is describe the two websites’ features. So go and explore!

Source by Ankur Vyas