This list of criteria is not exhaustive. To find all these criteria in the Performance.

• criteria of performances

1. Profit %: to select gaining experts with at least 80% of trades

2. Pip: to select providers with at least 1000 pips of profits (the pip is the basic unit on the foreign exchange market)

3. Average of pips: to filter all the experts with an average of pips negative or weak (lower than 5 pips).

• criteria of safety

1. Max Draw down pips: this criterion is very important, especially if you invest a weak capital at the beginning. It is imperative to choose experts with weak Draw down. (lower than 500 pips). If you have more margin, you will be able to widen this threshold

2. Graph: to choose the suppliers of signals with a green, regular graph and crescent

3. Open positions: Made attention, some providers leave negative open positions to preserve their good statistics for a long time. It is imperative to choose experts who close their even negative positions.

• criteria of popularity

1. Users: to choose experts with at least 100 follower (these follower are as well on accounts reality as demonstration, I asked Zulutrade to be able to identify in the number of users those on a real account)

2. stars: the experts with a star are recommended by certain users. I do not use this criterion because certain votes are doubtful.

3. red triangle: I strongly disadvise to you taking an expert with a red triangle

• criteria of seniority

1. Weeks: to take only experts with at least several weeks of trading. Zulutrade advises at least 10 weeks.

2. Trades: to choose experts with a significant number of trades. (threshold recommended: at least 100)

• criteria of speed and effectiveness (optional)

1. Average of the trades (hours): this criterion is an important criterion for me, I tend to retain only the experts with one intermediate duration of trades lower than 20 hours. This indicator shows that the provider detects immediately interesting situations on the foreign exchange market.

2. Average of pips: already considering previously

3. Trades: the more the expert opens gaining trades, plus it is advantageous for you. (still is necessary it to have a sufficient capital to follow all the standpoint…)

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