It’s not uncommon for new friends to be confused when I say I like to roll dice, or I’m going to roll dice with my buddies later. Some people think I’m a degenerate gambler and don’t ask, and other’s think I’m making things up to avoid going out.

The truth is I love to play games. Some people do understand the dice games I like to play, and they think I’m a big dork. Well, I am a big dork. My buddies and I have been playing Risk, Monopoly, and any other dice game we can get our hands on for years. I guess I never grew up, but we all have our quirks.

We play the classic games from growing up, we play crazy new games like Settlers of Catan, and we even play the super nerdy strategy games like Warhammer. My friends and I all have huge collections of dice and dice games, but in the past we rarely ever got anyone new to play our games. We all have a lot fun playing these games, so it was not because everyone thought our games were dumb. Unfortunately, our games had a stigma that you had to be some loser that lives in your mom’s basement to play games for fun.

This all changed a few years ago when we first started playing the L.C.R. dice game. L.C.R. stands for left, right, center and the game is about as easy to understand as that. Like the classic card game War, there is not a lot of strategy or planning. You start with a few quarters, and when you roll the dice you move your quarters to the person to your left, your right, the center of the board, or you get to keep your coins. The last person with a quarter in front of them gets all of the money in the center and wins the L.C.R. dice game. My grandmother likes the L.C.R. dice game, my nephews like the game, and my friends like the game a lot.

We started playing L.C.R. with our friends, and they all got hooked. After playing with new people a few times we started introducing them to some of the other games we like to play. Soon enough, we got almost all of our friends into playing games with us.

Last year we had so many people that wanted to play games with us that we started a dice games night at the bar down the street from my house. The bar loves it, because we bring so many people on a once slow night. My friends and I love it, because you can show up any time you like. It sure beats sitting around with three or four guys in your basement playing board games.

Source by Steve Hatcher