When someone feels jealous, subconsciously their gestures and body language may sell him/her out via what we call the signs of jealousy. Those signs, if we know how to discern them, can help us a lot in our endeavor to have a meaningful and fulfilling relationship with the one we dream of.

Showing love or affection, especially to the one we are very attracted to, is not something that everyone finds it easy to do.

Some people might have a feeling for a certain person and dream him/her almost every night. They know that they should let that particular one know about their deep feeling so that they can know if their feelings are reciprocated or not.

But they just don’t know how to start. It makes them suffer. Indeed, being in love without knowing if our love interest shares the same feeling is very tormenting.

Especially to the shy guys and gals out there, saying so is often too hard to do. That fear of rejection always gets in the way for those shy people. And overcoming it is easier said than done.

But however, we can not let ourselves go on living in such agony just because of that fear. We should, sooner or later, speak it out or else it could be the greatest regret in our life.

On the other hand, showing or saying it without any clue if he/she has the same feeling for us or not is often too scary! Is there a way for us to know whether a love interest shares the same feeling with us? Thank God, there is. How? Via the signs of jealousy that they unconsciously show if they also have the same crush on us.

So, what signs of jealousy that we can use for that? Let’s see some of them now.

1. Staring or gazing at you when we talk to the opposite sex. Sometimes, a jealous person can also behave as if he/she did not care when seeing you talking to friends of the opposite sex, but your gut tells you that he/she is only pretending acting that way.

2. You find yourself “bump” into him/her in always places where you usually go, and it seems that he/she is too curious to know about your activities and your friends.

3. You find him/her tends to say bitchy things about your (close) friends, especially those from the opposite sex.

4. He/she looks annoyed or “panicked” if – when you are talking to him/her – you remark that other friend of yours as attractive.

5. It seems that he/she feel very uncomfortable if he/she finds out that somebody else see you as attractive and/or try to flirt with you.

Those are only a handful of the signs of jealousy that you can use to surmise if your love interest have the same interest in you or not. Of course you can use this knowledge for many other purposes you need. To know more about the signs, you can read the article mentioned in the resource box below.

Source by M Rizal S Hasibuan