Simple Auto Trading is yet another binary options trading robot which promises to make huge profits for its users. So does it really work or is Simple Auto Trading just a scam?

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Our team of experts made a study of this binary options robot and found that it does not rate high. Also, there is no significant information available about them.

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Simple Auto Trading Review

Simple Auto Trading is a newly launched investment tool that has been designed by anonymous creators. According to some claims, this trading app can deliver significant returns on investments. It was created with the intention of assisting both experienced traders and newbies generate online revenue in a convenient and risk-free manner.

But during our investigation, we failed to find enough evidence that suggests that Simple Auto Trading is a reliable option. While it has some potential such as ease of use and navigation, it fails in some aspects such as accuracy and profitability.

Our review highlights all the important facts about this trading solution. So if you have been thinking of signing up for it, read our detailed review first as it will help you choose wisely.

What is Simple Auto Trading System?

Designed as an automated tool, Simple Auto Trading works to generate signals based on which it executes trading tasks. The software is fully automated and doesn’t require any download. Traders can use it from any device as long as it is connected to the internet, which is a good thing about this app. Its compatibility to various operating systems such as Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and iOS is another plus point.

The software executes trades on behalf of its users. Information present on their website says that it is very accurate and reliable. But our findings suggest that it is a basic software with very basic features. Accuracy of the system and its performance is not up to the mark. The customizable settings of the app also don’t work in its favor because the majority of the trading actions it performs lead to unsatisfactory results.

How Does Auto Simple Trading Work?

According to information on their website and promo video, Simple Auto Trading system makes use of complex algorithms to search for profit making opportunities in the market. When traders sign up for it, they are assigned a broker with whom they must deposit a minimum of $250. After getting access to this software, users can configure its settings and let the robot trade on their behalf.

But, the problem is that traders don’t get full control over the trading process. They are also not able to control how much risk they are comfortable with. Trading in the financial markets comes with risks, but using a software like this one can amplify risk level greatly. This is because if the software doesn’t make the right decisions, it will end up making losing trades, resulting in financial losses for the user.

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We also noticed that Simple Auto Trading robot offers demo trading features. When we investigated further, we found out that the demo results are not accurate. They are inflated to make the software appear reliable and accurate. Trading results from within the live markets are much lower which confirms that its demo trading features aren’t reliable.

Simple Auto Trading: Reliable or a Scam?

While investigating this trading software, we came across a number of mixed comments and feedback. On the basis of those feedback and comments, we can say that some traders have been satisfied with this software and some have not been.

Some say that it is a user-friendly trading platform which is easy to navigate. But we know that these characteristics are not enough to prove that the system is truly legit. It is also true that its simple design accommodates the needs of both experienced and novice traders. Once again, these characteristics cannot help anyone enhance their gains or minimize their risk levels while executing trades.

Our research shows that Simple Auto Trading does not have a proven record. The brokers it works with are mostly new and unlicensed so there is nothing great about it. We did not find any evidence of the brokers being scams or shady so it is hard to confirm that Simple Auto Trading is a bogus software.

Since the system is new and the brokers are also unlicensed, we are not going to recommend it to our readers today. We would like to give them more time to prove themselves and once we are satisfied that they don’t have any scam connections and they can help traders meet their trading expectations, then only we will give them a thumbs up.

Are There Any Special Features?

The Simple Auto Trading software lacks special features. We did not find any new or innovative features in this software that makes it stand out or different from those which are already on the market. Although we cannot confirm that it is a scam, we can say that traders may lose their investment capital if they choose this trading solution. The simple reason is its lack of innovative features.

When looking at the accuracy of the signals, we can’t believe that there is any truth to the information available on their website. They have stated that Simple Auto Trading is at least 83% accurate. This is not possible because feedback from real users suggest that this software isn’t very accurate. In some cases, there is just a 50:50 chance of winning the trade. at other times, the software performs poorly. Since the success rate isn’t consistent, we cannot approve this system as reliable.

Moreover, it lacks important features like risk level control and reserve trading features. Advanced trading robots are equipped with these two important features to help traders control the degree of risk they take and to improve their profitability.

Overall, the features are very basic and requires traders to carry out a lot of analysis on their own before they can actually see some positive results with this software.

Final Thoughts

There are some things that are looking good inside Simple Auto Trading system. But there are many things that don’t make sense. The software certainly doesn’t have an accuracy of 83%, but there are some real traders who claim to be satisfied with the results.

At the moment, it is hard to confirm that this trading system is genuine. The people who are behind Simple Auto Trading promise fast rewards, massive profits and high accuracy, but they fail to meet the expectations of traders.

Our advice for traders is to avoid using this software and look for a more reliable and safer alternative.


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