Simple Freedom System is a money making program composed of two parts. First you get a marketing course (an actual physical product) which consist of a 260 plus page manual, a quick start guide, and a CD. The course is pretty comprehensive covering online as well as offline marketing and even includes a full copywriting course. The second part of the system is the marketing system. They give you a website, capture page, blog, and email messages all designed to help you market the course online as well as offline with postcards or classified ads They’ve been around for a few years now and seem to have a good concept going. Their philosophy seems to be, provide a marketing course with good value then provide a website to help sell it. The marketing system is built for you so your only job is to direct traffic to the capture page they provide for you, so even a newbie can jump in and probably start making money pretty quick.

The payout is pretty good. You make $200 for every course you sell and $100 override on all the distributors you sign up when they make a sale. They offer a few backend products but you are not required to purchase to them, but they can increase your income if you decide to market any of them. One good thing about Simple Freedom is they don’t leave you high and dry when you buy the course like some other programs. They offer ongoing training in the form of conference calls twice a week and a internet marketing training center for members only.

Simple Freedom System seems to have a lot to offer in terms of an actual product as well as fine tuned marketing system, however its up to the distributor to learn how to drive traffic to the website they provide.It doesn’t matter how good the system is, if you still have to learn and master traffic generation to your capture page. At least the upfront commissions are pretty good so even if you only make a few sales a week the money can make a difference to ones bottom line.

Source by Cameron Jefferson