Who every said that exercising had to be something you dread wasn’t taking part in the right form of it. Most people look for any excuse not to exercise including that they don’t have time. When you have activities in your life though that you really enjoy then you won’t view it as exercise. That is why skateboarding should be something you consider. This is an affordable sport and one that really can help you to get that body back into shape.

Children in our society are obese compared to a couple of decades ago and it is because they don’t get their bodies moving. As a parent you should be encouraging them to get out there and do so. If you have a child that is interesting in skateboarding then make sure he or she has the right equipment to do so. You also want to make sure that they get plenty of time to take part in the sport.

You will find more older people skateboarding today then ever before too. It really depends on where you go. The fact is that people of all ages find this to be a great way to get some exercise. You may be bored with walking and find the gym to be a waste of your money. You can breakout your skateboard and spend some time on it around your neighborhood or the local skate park.

Some parts of the body get more of a workout when you skateboard than others though so be prepared to do some other forms of exercising. The legs and the calves get plenty of exercise while you are on your skateboard. However, the arm won’t get as much so to balance it try some exercises that you can incorporate at least a couple of times a week.

One way to do this is to motivate yourself by dangling the carrot of skating time in exchange for it. For example you can commit to doing your upper body exercises three times a week. However, you can’t use your skateboard that day unless you have done them. Such self discipline will help you to stay on track and to make sure you get all the time on your skateboard that you would like.

You also should know that when you start skateboarding as a form of fun and for exercise you are going to work muscles that you haven’t for a while. They include those in the lower back, the abs, and even the buttocks. They may be sore for a while but don’t let that prevent you from continuing with it. Vitamin E supplements can help to prevent you from being stiff the next day so consider getting them.

Of course the amount of exercise you will get from skateboarding depends on how often you do it and what you do with it. There are many types of skating including racing, doing tricks, and going from one side of the bowl to the other at the skate park. However, a combination of such movements are a great way to get some exercise without it being something you dread.

For those of you that really enjoy spending lots of time on your skateboard, now you can justify it! This is part of your workout for staying healthy and for staying fit. You will find in time it will also help you to have more control over your skateboard and to go faster. This is because you will develop lean muscle, endurance, and your balance will improve.

Source by John Pauls