Many great skaters out there use the connection they have to the sport to help them support a variety of good causes. They often do this to raise money for charity, to offer support, and even to help loosen the grip that society has with a bad reputation for skateboarding as a whole.

There are plenty of programs for kids that have terminal illnesses. Making their dreams come true during such tough times is a great way to give back to society. For some of these children, meeting professional skater such as Tony Hawk is what they want the most. He has graciously done so as have other professional skaters. The meeting can include some lessons too if the patient is up to it.

Only in the second year, the efforts of skaters in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania have been amazing. They get shops in the areas to donate $150 and they form teams of riders. This brings many supporters to their shops and it also helps to generate a large sum of money for research relating to head trauma. The event was so successful in 2008 that it is already believed to be able to raise twice as much money for 2009. More shop owners want to donate and more skating teams want to be a part of the competition.

Cancer walks and runs have been popular for many years. The ability for skaters to add their own twist to such fund raising events has been very well received in communities. Offering skating competitions that allow people to sign up and compete for a fee is part of such efforts. There is a good pay out to the winners but a portion of the entry fees go to support cancer patients and cancer research. It isn’t unusual for many winners to also donate their prize money towards the cause as well.

Sometimes the efforts involved are for the benefit of the skaters and that is a good cause too. For example, programs that are to raise funding for new skate parts or for youth programs in this areas to be developed are important. It will help to keep the sport alive as well as give these kids an outlet for their talents. It can take a great deal of money to create them though so fundraising is often a necessity if it is going to happen.

There are more about skateboarding for a good cause can be found through internet. You can find those that you wish to take part in and then contact them to find out how you go about doing so. This is a great way to have fun skateboarding and to feel good about helping others. It is also a great way to meet other people that love the sport as much as you do.

Should you be interested in helping a cause, you can form such programs on your own as well. Gather the help of other skaters in your community. The good cause you choose to support can be local, a state program, or one that is Nationally a concern. Taking part in such efforts is a great way to help society as a whole to become better than it is right now. Being proactive with the sport can be for many reasons. Do what you love to do and being compassionate at the same time though is important. When you give this way you won’t feel that you haven’t contributed to others.

Source by John