The Motorola Q was one of the most highly anticipated phones of the year before it came out, and for good reason. The Q is very slim and packs a lot of power under that sleek silver casing. Of course looks and size are important and the features such as memory, processor speed, applications, and overall functionality. Since the Q has blue tooth, you can use a Bluetooth headset for hands free communication.

The Q measures just 2.5 inches wide, 4.5 inches tall, and just under half an inch thick. The headphone jack is on the top right corner of the phone, and the right side has the thumb wheel and back button. The scroll wheel works comfortably whether you are holding the phone in your left or right hand, and the back button is an incredible timesaver. The Motorola Q it’s big, beautiful, and so easy to read. When you press a button on the Q the screen lights up immediately for enhanced readability, then dims after a while. Underneath the screen are two large buttons that work in conjunction with the soft key menus at the bottom of each application on your phone screen, then a row of four buttons that serve as the call, home, back, and disconnect/power buttons. In the middle is a five way navigator key that is easy to use, though the up and down action feels a bit cramped as compared to the left and right action. The center button is nicely done though-easy to press, and no worries about accidentally activating it when you’re trying to move up or down.

The Motorola Q has also use the keyboard to quickly find contacts by name; even though literally thousands of numbers in my address book, I found that it usually took three or at the most four key presses to find any contact name. Pick the contact and a screen pops up offering all of the choices you could ever want – call home, work, or mobile, send a text message, or send an email, addresses, categories, and notes. Other applications include Calendar and Tasks, along with Internet Explorer, Messaging, Windows Media, File Manager, Pictures & Videos, Media Center, and of course the obligatory copy of Solitaire. The camera is terrible quality, the unit heats up by the ear when using the phone after just two or three minutes, if you have the internet ability there are charges that no one can explain.

The design of this upcoming device will be a noticeably changed from the current one. The keyboard will be curved, for example, and significantly larger. The oval D-pad will also be changed to a circle. This smart phone will also include a 1.3 megapixel camera, a microSD card slot and high of built-in memory. The only version of the original Motorola Q runs on CDMA networks. The Motorola Q will essentially be a GSM version of this device, with support for the 2.0G networking standard EDGE. The Motorola Q has a tablet design, with a 320-by-240-pixel screen above a backlit QWERTY keyboard.

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