Well, you have heard your friends and family speaking about the Forex markets and thought you might give it a try. I am here to give you some very strong advice, do not do it. To enter the Forex markets and make millions is not easy; yea a lot of people are doing it. But, those people really worked at, and you know, you're really not working too hard. Beside that, you hate learning new things, never want to take risk and are cheaper than sin and never spend a dime on anything you can not eat. To trade Forex and become a wealth creating wizard is not for you, I am telling you not to read any further on how it is done. PLEASE!

I told you to stop with the last paragraph, but since you have come this far I did find something interesting for you to do. Try searching Google for basket weaving, it is not to expensive, it does not require you to take any risk and you just feel tingly all over when you get finished and gaze at your pretty little basket you just made. It just makes you feel so good all over, a really safe hobby to pursue.

Only the single mined tough individuals make it in the world of Forex. Those who enter with the Forex world that have the will to succeed and are willing to destroy anything in their path preventing them getting there. Do you think the TOP TIER currency traders that slink in like the jaguar in the jungles of Brazil, scoop up tons of cash and sliver away before being detected care about what anyone thinks about them? Your right, they just do not care about what I think or about what you think, only where and when they are going to start their next plundering operation.

Trading the Forex markets and developing diamonds is not that difficult, after all there are only two paths a currency can take, up or down. Trust me, they never go sideways, for not to long anyways. The problem is, you do not have a clue what you're doing. And do get a clue, cost money, which means taking risk and you are a risk adverse person. And then after you get that education, guess what, you have to spend more money buying Forex software systems to help you gather data and make decisions. All of that and you have not even made your first trade yet. Then you might want to consider actually entering the market and making a few trades, well there goes more money that you might not get back. I keep telling you that this is not for you, if you do not like basket weaving maybe you could try knitting.

Seriously, private investors are making major withdrawals into their bank accounts trading the currency markets. But, to be a real player in the markets cost money up front to prepare you to trade Forex, and if you really do not have any money, are cheaper than sin, do not like to take risk, or any of fifty other reasons this is not the place for you. If you want a place where you can learn a teachable skill, acquire knowledge, willing to invest in yourself and want to make zillions then it could be the place for you. But the Forex markets do not give up there riches easily, you have to take them using anything and everything you can to get them.

Source by William R. Alheim, Jr.