Social networking trend in 2015

Now a day`s people used to spend more than 4 to 5 hours in social networking sites. Social networking sites reduce people stress and increase global communication. People can able to add global people easily and they get connected. Now sharing the information is very easy by using social networking sites like facebook,twitter,fories,linkedin and google+.

At present features in social networking sites:

1. Instant chat:

Connected friends can privately chat each other. Instant chat now becomes common features in all social networking sites. facebook adds new type of smileys and expressions.

2. Profile customizes:

People can personalize their profile by add profile cover and profile pictures. Some social networking sites like facebook,fories,google+  only allows to add profile covers . Google+ networking site only gives extraordinary profile cover look features.

3. Play games:

Social network sites have introduced a number of activities and games played through friends list connections. Facebook dominates in social networking games. Popular games in Facebook are city Ville, farm Ville, poker & casino games.

4. Sharing photos and videos:

Uploading photos in wall and tagging features available almost in all social networking sites. google+ only provides good user experience photo viewer and extraordinary online edit features.

Trend in 2015:

1.Mobile app:

Now a days peoples are started using social networking mobile app like whats app , wechat etc. This mobile trend will increase for 25% to 50% of mobile users. On that time mobile app dominates social networking sites.

2. Location identifier:

On 2015 social networking site allow user to post their address in profile . Like google map user can able to find the friends or family member current location by map. Now facebook giving area identification when someone message or post this will go advance to show the messaging user location on map.

3. Sending virtual Gifts:

At present only allow user to send virtual gifts to friends. Example : we say one user want to send “teddy toll” to friends. He can easily select the teddy toll and click that update gift will show in friend’s wall.

4. Chat Rooms Feature

It seems that Facebook is making major improvements to make the social media website an effective communication tool. Recently, they added hashtags like twitter that can serve as topic indexes. Then, they have launched sticker packs that convey emotions through animated characters. Now, they are revealing a chat rooms feature that will be launched soon.

5. Social networking for job search:

Now a days people are using professional social networking sites for job search. Linkedin,skillpage these sites are giving relevant job for users. So user can easy apply for job instantly. On upcoming years HR and recruiters will see their social networking for employee attitude verification. This feature going to be increased in 2015.

Source by jackesulley