The internet has become a money making machine in the technology driven era. Every other day, there is something new and more creative, which makes our lives easier and more convenient. The internet did the same by providing a great platform for the young entrepreneurs to start up their ventures online. There are many ways which you can use to make money online without any big capital investment. The beauty of the web-based business is that it does not require you to build up infrastructure or a separate office and hire people to work for you.

Instead, you can easily start making money online by just staying in your home or office and paying a concentrated attention on the work that you select for you. Some people take online work as their full-time job and the other group takes it as part-time job. So, whatever mindset you posses, you may still enjoy the online work equally. In this regard, there are some basic things that you need for any given set up to make money online. Your personal computer or laptop with a reliable internet connection and a separate and calm place (it can be your office or a spare room at your house) are the key essentials of any online work.

Fundamentally, you can divide the online work in two categories. The first one is pure personal set up and the other one is affiliate jobs.

Self Set Up:

The personal set up means that you make money by offering your goods or services on the web. In this regard, you have to select a niche and then perform a given function or job.

· Personal Website: Suppose, you possess some statutory items in bulk, you can develop a website and start selling them on that. On the other hand, if you are a service provider / consultant, you can develop a website and offer your services by that. Here, you will have to work on SEO / SMM principles to make you visible in the search engines.

· Blogging and Freelancing: This is another way of making money online. If you possess good writing skills, and can perform any given task on the deadlines, you can start writing down the content and selling it to earn money. Due to the popularity of online job portals, there is ample amount of space available for you, where you can outsource your services as a content writer.

· Blogs and Google: Moreover, if you are able to grasp the necessary skills to write a blog and understand the blogging platforms, you can also make money online. In this regard, if your blog gets a good amount of traffic and you offer great information on that, you can enjoy learning by Google adverts. You will need just a Google email ID to enable the Google AdSense program on your blog. You will be paid every time a visitor of your blog clicks on that link.

Affiliate Set Up:

Another dimension to make money online is what we call an affiliate set up. Here, you work for someone else, and then share the final profit. Affiliate marketing is some sort of business partnership and is a great way to make money online. Here, you market the products and services of other companies and finally get the agreed amount as your reward. There are lots of companies that offer affiliate programs online, where some may require sign up fees, while the rest may b free of cost. Search engine marketing, search engine optimization and social media skills are vital to become a good affiliate marketing manager to make money online. Additionally, data entry jobs, and online surveys are also very handy tools.

Source by Ng Pillai