With the advance in science and technology, modern equipments have been introduced to kill rats as well as to repel the rats away from the houses. These equipments are basically the electronic products are harmless as compared to the poisonous pesticides and do not require any sort of safety precautions ad are very simple to operate and install. These electronic products are mainly known as the sonic repellents which produce high frequency high frequency electromagnetic waves. Sonic rodent repellents are those electronic products which produce high frequency ultrasonic waves which can be only heard by the rats and insects. These sonic repellents produce sound of frequency about twenty thousand hertz which cannot be heard by the humans. The effectiveness of the rodent repellents depends upon the degree of intensity and frequency of sound produced by these types of repellents. Since the sound produced is of high frequency and can be only heard by rodents and insects, the high frequency ultrasonic sound creates a lot of distress in their ears and force them to leave the place or surroundings where the sonic repellent has been installed. There are different types of sonic rodent repellents which are very compact in size and can be plugged in into any plug sockets. Thus it is an electronic method of preventing the diseases caused by rats and mice.

While installing these sonic repellents certain precautions must be taken to achieve its effectiveness. These mouse repellents must be kept in open rooms where there will be less number of furniture and appliances because the furniture and other equipments might absorb the ultrasonic sound and depreciate the efficiency of repellents. The walls of the room will also obstruct the sound from entering into other rooms. There are repellents which can cover an area of about four hundred to five hundred square feet. These mouse repellents do produce any sort of harmful or poisonous gas and are advantageous compared to the other poisonous pesticides and brutal equipments which are used to trap and kill the rats and mice. These repellents can be easily installed into the plug in sockets in houses, offices, restaurants, factories, restaurants and even farm lands. This sonic repellent is harmless to kids, children, pets and even the other electrical and electronic appliances. These mouse repellents are one of those products which do not require any sort of repair and maintenance and can be used for up to twenty fours. There are also repellents which work on battery and rechargeable batteries. Some of these rodent repellents have few technical features like the quiet mode, medium mode and the loud mode. The quiet mode produces very low frequency sound which is sufficient to repel the rodents like rats and mice. The medium mode produces a bit frequency higher than the quiet mode and can also be beneficial to repel insects inside the houses and even around the houses. The loud mode has the highest frequency sound which is also beneficial to drive away the pests and other small creatures. These sonic mouse repellents are available at affordable prices in the market.

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