The Soxasox Mining investment program claims to provide 10% daily returns for life through various Bitcoin related revenue streams. Sure, it sounds like a great deal, but also appears too good to be true. There is a reason why we are doing this Soxasox Mining scam review, and it is not in the least because we are fans of it!

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Soxasox Mining App – Leadership

One thing which really stands out about this Soxasox Mining investment program is that it does not display any leadership information whatsoever. If you take a look at the site, you will notice that there is a lack of any info in regards to company ownership or leadership. This is of course a really big problem.

How could we possible trust our hard earned BTC with these guys when they refuse to tell us who they are? It is always clear when there is a scam afoot by the way leadership chooses to remain hidden in a shroud of anonymity. You have to ask yourself, why is the Soxasox Mining app anonymous if it is legit? The only reason for these crooks to keep their identities a secret is because they are doing something shady and illegal.



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Soxasox Mining Investment Program – The Company & Licensing

This brings us to the next point, which is that there is no real company behind this Soxasox Mining HYIP. The website only has a bunch of emails in terms of contact information. We tried contacting these guys, and of course, they never got back to use.

Moreover, this Soxasox Mining company does not appear to be registered, licensed, or have any legal authority whatsoever. For a company like this to be allowed to take and make investments for people, it has to be licensed with various international bodies, and officially registered in a country.

There is absolutely no evidence that any of this is the case with this Soxasox Mining investment system. From what we can tell, this is not a legal business entity and it has no business accepting your money or making investments on your behalf.


How Does The Soxasox Mining HYIP Claim To Generate Profits?

Something else which stood out to us about this Soxasox Mining HYIP is that it claims to provide profits through several different methods. There are like 4 different business models mashed into one here, and this makes us really suspicious. At the very least, these crooks are overreaching and doing way more than they should. At the worst, they are claiming to do so  many things, but don’t do anything at all.

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  • The Soxasox Mining system claims to invest in territories that have deposits of precious stones. This is something which would mean that this company would have to collaborate with world governments, something which we cannot imagine in the least, seeing as it is not a legit business entity.
  • The Soxasox Mining app claims to engage in Bitcoin mining. Apparently, investing here gives you a Bitcoin mining license. However, if you look closely, there is not a single shred of evidence which would support these claims. There is just no info about any Bitcoin mining at app.
  • The Soxasox Mining HYIP also claims to engage in high volume cryptocurrency trading in order to create even more profits. Once again, there is literally not a single shred of evidence to back up these claims either.
  • Finally, the Soxasox Mining app also claims to engage in new Bitcoin startup funding, as well as new altcoin funding. Yet again, there is no proof that any of these claims are real.

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What it all boils down to here is that this bogus Bitcoin investment program claims to generate profits through multiple avenues, yet offers no proof that any of this is true or legit at all. It is definitely very suspicious and it does not inspire trust in the least.


Are The Soxasox Mining Software’s Profits Realistic?

Ok, so we have already established that this Soxasox Mining app does not really do anything at all. Yes, there are some really bold claims made in terms of revenue and investment streams, but no proof to support any of it. The best Soxasox Mining investment plan claims to provide you with a whopping 10% in returns every single day for the rest of your life. You apparently get a 10% bonus for your deposit too.

Folks, do you really think that there is a single investment program out there that can provide you with 70% in ROI per week, which would equate to 280% per month, or 3,360% per year. Guys, there is no way, not even in a frozen over hell, that this could ever be possible. Even if this were a legit business with real revenue streams, achieving these profit levels is just not possible at all!

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Soxasox Mining System – Ponzi Scheme With No Profits

The bottom line here is that we have talked to dozens of people who have invested in this Soxasox Mining system so far. They all say the exact same thing. They deposit some BTC with the Soxasox Mining app, and then their investment disappears, never to be seen again. We think that this is way more than enough to label this as a complete scam.

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Let’s not forget that the Soxasox Mining also offers up to 13% in commissions if you refer other people to invest here. So, if you get your granny to invest $1,000 worth of BTC, you should get a cool $130 for your troubles. Make no mistake about it folks, because this scam will take all of the money it can get it hands on, but it definitely is not paying out referral bonuses as promised.

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Soxasox Mining Review – Final Thoughts

When all is said and done, it is clear that the Soxasox Mining HYIP is indeed a scam. These crooks claim to do so much, yet do nothing at all. The leadership is nowhere to be found, the company is not legal or licensed, and profits never materialize!


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