Making money online is not a hoax. You might probably have heard about this and you might be one of a few people who do not believe in it. If you know the basics of making money online, such as using the affiliate system of Squidoo, you might have a good chance of creating money at home. is a good website to start with if you want to have money online. This Web 2.0 site is a good website where you can publish a page or lens as it is called on any topic under the sun. What is appealing about this website is that it is fairly easy to use and does not need you to have those technical skills other websites need you to have.

So, you might be asking how to make money with this site.

You can start making money with Squidoo with its affiliate links system. You can make affiliate agreements at this website. This site highly encourages its users to follow this system. With its modular concept, you can put together different capsules such as text and survey capsules in order to create a page or lens. Further, with its capsules for eBay and Amazon, you can include affiliate links from these two sites and start making wealth out of them.

Bear in mind that affiliate capsules are not limited to Amazon and eBay. You can still include affiliate sales with virtually almost any company today because of the popularity of affiliate program.

The good thing about Squidoo aside from its affiliate income system is its generosity in sharing its advertising revenue with the rest of the users. In order to do so, you must key in your PayPal email address in your profile page. Remember that in order to get a lot of traffic to your account, you must create a lot of pages and useful content. This will also increase your chance of having more money out of your lenses.

Now that you know the affiliate link and affiliate income system of this website, you should start making money with it today. The sooner you start, the sooner you will have money online. If you encounter some difficulty in making a lens at first, this is just normal. You will learn a lot as you go along the way.

If you want to know more information about how to make money with Squidoo, there are books and videos online available that you might want to see.

Source by Edwardm L Gagnon