We have written an extensive review on the Stabilis Lucra scam with the intention of illuminating Forex traders to the dire situation concerning the alleged “award winning” Forex robot. Due to the glamorous presentation of this imperfect software, the perceived fail safe EA, could potentially go viral thus causing a multitude of traders to suffer serious losses. Ensure you read this review carefully and arm yourself with the facts concerning the Stabilis Lucra scam & realize that not all that glitters is gold.

Stabilis Lucra, meaning ‘steady gains’ in Latin, is a new Forex trading app crated by David Jukl and officially released to the public on the 16th October 2017. On their website, Stabilislucra.com they proclaim the product to be a quadruple awarded Forex robot, with a verified, real money six figure performance. In addition, Andrew Nathan, the narrator of the pitch video, proudly states that the bot has not lost in the past 3 years. WE will not be going into detail about what this Forex software offers it’s clients or even how it supposedly works. That is not the reason for this review. Our objective is to highlight all the reasons you should be wary of David Jukl’s scam software.

First & foremost, any Expert Adviser or software, which claims not to have lost in the past 3 years, should be heeded as a severe warning. This is known as providing misleading information. No fail-safe, or guaranteed software exists nor will it ever exist. The markets do not allow for it. For the creators of Stabilis Lucra to promote this as a risk free investment product is insidious. There is no such thing as risk free investment.

One thing we did ascertain is that David Jukl, a Czechoslovakian man, is in fact a real person. He is known on a small scale for programming trading software. He has a Facebook account, although it is surprisingly bare and a LinkedIn page. This is definitely a new angle as generally scammers always try to conceal their identity or create fictitious characters when creating and marketing their various scams. This is done for many reasons with the main one being escaping the wrath of authorities and avoiding consequences such as fines or prison sentences. We simply could not fathom why David Jukl would now want to throw his name away promoting Stabilis Lucra scam software and risk possible sentencing. Especially considering that he has a wife and kids. Whatever reputation he previously held is now destroyed. Alternatively, he simply values money over his name & reputation.

Furthermore, do not be fooled by the supposedly prestigious awards displayed on their website. Forex Expos are by no means considered a measuring tool for the credibility of products or brokers. Anyone can enter and participate in these expos for the right price. They are merely a meeting place for services to showcase themselves and acquire new partnerships as well as gain exposure. Scam brokers as well as other players in the industry such as app developers sponsor the majority of these events, including their meaningless prizes. A perfect example of this would be Sakura FX Trading. They were present at the same 2016 China Forex Expo in Shenzhen as David Jukl’s Stabillis Lucra scam and were awarded best Forex Broker 2016. In January 2017 Sakura FX Trading, a well-known scam broker – shut down their website and disappeared with over several million dollars of investors’ funds. Awards handed out at these expos would be better named the 2016 Forex Fraud Awards. These events are filled to the brim with scam brokers and software’s. Let this serve as another red flag concerning Stabilis Lucra robot, they are relying on those awards to convince you of the legitimacy of their software.

While conducting research for our Stabilis Lucra review, we noted a few other serious concerns regarding the scam app. For starters, one of their recommended brokers is InstaForex. This broker possesses an exceedingly horrible reputation and is known for defrauding its clients. Both the Ontario Securities Commission and the The Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) have issued official investors warning against this broker. InstaForex used to be licensed by Belize IFSC, however as of October 2013, they no longer held a license with them. Although they tried to claim that it was a voluntary resignation, the majority of the industry believed they were thrown out. Moreover, even though Stabilis Lucra has supposedly been around since early 2016, testing their software and receiving scam awards for it, we find it strange that the domain was only registered on the 27th March 2017 and as is common with scam sites it was registered privately.

Review Verdict: Stabilis Lucra is a dangerous Scam!
Blacklisted Site: Stabilislucra.com

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We sincerely hope that our detailed Stabilis Lucra review is read and shared by as many traders as possible before they are caught up in the misleading glitz and glam of this dangerous Forex software. Forewarned is forearmed in this case and you can rest assured that any dealings with the fake app will be detrimental to the financial health of anyone unaware of the truth we exposed here today. Share your feedback and questions below this review or contact us directly via BinaryoptionsWatchdog@gmail.com and we will be glad to assist you with any inquiries.


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