How people act in life is determined by their star signs, or at least the time they were born. Following my reincarnation, the fascination with why people are who they are and the roles they perform in life focused my attention. Born under the sign of Capricorn my life has followed its traits perfectly. That has led me to now examine in detail the star signs of world leaders and the three main ones in particular.

Donald Trump is, of course, number one on the list and not surprisingly he is under the sign of Gemini. So too is the Chinese President, Xi Jinping. Both these men are high achievers, which fits with the traits. Another of their ilk was John F. Kennedy. That makes it easy to compare their lives and moods against each other.

Geminis are born between May 22nd to June 21st and there is a long list of world leaders who fit between those dates, including the future king of England, Prince William along with the Duke of Edinburgh, his grandfather. So what are their traits and how do they fit in with others?

To begin with they are born with twin like personalities. They appear to talk to themselves while conversing between the two sides. They have, therefore, a very secretive nature that annoys most who want to get information about their activities. This is certainly the case with Trump who created a war between himself and the media so as to avoid scrutiny.

Xi Jinping is also hiding his intentions as he goes from country to country while dealing and gaining information. But the Gemini man is complex and his moods can change with the wind. One day everything is peaceful and rosy and the next it is all out war. So how can he and Trump possibly stay on a level keel several days in a row.

Add to the mix Vladimir Putin, President of Russia. He is born under the sign of Libra and, like that of Gemini it is an air sign. Born between September 24th to October 23rd those under this sign are even more unpredictable. They have a problem making their minds up about anything. Getting things into balance is more their traits, but that is hard.

When it doesn’t work out they will turn from what appears to be a gentle, calm, and good-natured being into a monster. They can quickly change into a quarrelsome, annoying, stubborn, depressed, and confused tyrant. After swinging from one side to the other just as quickly there is calm as the scales come into balance.

One must wonder then about Putin and where he sits now in relation to the crisis facing Trump and Xi. Will he sit on the fence and ponder or will he start swinging, as he has in Syria? Will he be calm and sensible or a force neither can deal with?

These three air signs are just that. They gather like the wind in the upper stratosphere and can be as cyclonic as any devastating weather event. All three love missiles because they fly like the wind. Their chosen weapons if war develops will most likely be missiles and bombs dropped from aircraft.

It is interesting that President Assad of Syria is in fact under Aries. Born on the 23rd March, 1962, his is a different sign altogether. His is the fire and his attitude is like a flame that will burn anything that represents opposition to his dreams or goals. He does not lie but he does kill and he yells blue murder if someone robs him of his rights or toys.

Nothing matters to the Aries person except his status as the main character on life’s stage. He will suck up to anyone who will help him achieve it. No matter how many times he falls over he will always rise again and be extremely kind and forgiving to anyone who helps him. Perhaps that is why Assad and Putin have hit it off.

The last person on the world stage at the moment worth a mention is Kim Jong-un, President of North Korea. Surprisingly he is under the star sign Capricorn, one that I know very well. He is a loner who climbs to the height of the tower where the view is best. He knows exactly what he wants and little by little he is working to get it.

While the Korean war of the 1950’s was unresolved militarily he dreams that with stealth and careful planning he will win it. Like a spider sitting in a web waiting for the feast to come to him he is putting out his feelers until it happens.

Defeat of the USA is on his mind but he knows he can’t do it alone. With allies like China, Russia, and even Assad, all of which are sharpening their swords for a major conflict, he is likely to wait for them to strike first. He has no power to equal those of the Americans and with so many countries against him already his only chance of success is to wait.

This is a picture of the leaders who must now carry out orders for peace or for war because the crisis has gone too far to ignore. North Korea was occupied for decades by Japan and now comes the reckoning if Kim has his way.

Source by Norma Holt