Well, you've made the decision. You want to earn a living on the Internet.

The problem is, you've never done this before, know nothing about the various ways that you CAN make a living and you're quite honest, LOST. And I do not mean as in the TV show, though in comparison, those guys are on a picnic. At least they have each other.

For the most part, you are on your own. Oh yes, there are those who can give you some direction (which I hope to do) but quite, you have to do the work. Sometimes, as you build a name for yourself you may get somebody to go into a Joint Venture with you, but I'm getting ahead of myself there. The point is, at the beginning, you really are ON YOUR OWN.

So there you sit, with your computer screen in front of you, staring at heaven knows what. And the first thing that comes into your mind is one question …

… Where Do I Start?

If you think this is not a scary thought, it is. I've been there. In my case I did not even have people to turn in order to ask questions. I was REALLY new to this. I had to do the whole thought process all on my own.

As a result, I made mistakes. TONS of mistakes, which resulted in months of no income or worse … expenses that were killing me. Man, do I wish I had some direction.

Well, I'm here to give you some. But if you're expecting that I am going to just lay out some step by step game plan, it's not just possible.


Let's say I said to you that the first thing you want to do is learn how to write really well because that is going to be one of the keys to making an income on the Internet, at least a good one, and you said, But I hate to write! " Well, then obviously you're going to drift from the game plan right from the start.

So instead, what I am going to do is give you options. Lots of them. Because believe it or not, there is more than one way to make money on the Internet. Some will be more profitable than others at the start, but look at Michael and the money he's making JUST from AdSense alone. I'm not saying it's not a lot of work, but at least it does not have to be a prize winning author to run an AdSense business.

My point is, there is more than one way to skin a cat in this business. I will give you as many ways as I know of. I certainly do not know them all, or am an expert at them all. For example, I know nothing about selling on Ebay, though I hear that can be very lucrative. I just can not help you with it because I have never done it before.

So in the series of articles to follow, I will give you a number of ways to capitalize on your, what I call, "generic" starting point. So this is what I want you to do after reading this article, because this WILL be YOUR "Where To Start."

Sit down with a pen and paper (yes, get away from the darn computer) and write down ALL your interests. That's right, ALL of them. I do not care how silly they are or how illegally they are to make money. Just write them down.

Here's my list.

1. Writing

2. Music

3. Computers

4, Games

5. Health

6. Sex (okay, this will probably be on EVERYONE'S list)

Okay, make your list and then we'll pick it up from there in our next chapter.

Source by Kelly Holloway