Making money online is fast becoming more and more popular as time goes by and as technology
advances, the huge surge in numbers of wannabe internet marketers is also being fueled by
the current skilled internet marketers ability to write compelling sales pitches and promote
that message far and wide, sometimes beyond the internet itself.

The hardest task a person faces when wanting to enter into the internet marketing arena, is
trying to establish out of the many products, guides, video tutorials and other offerings that
are out there, which of these can actually teach them how to go about make money online.
Unfortunately many so called internet marketing "guru's" are all to aware of the huge desire
and need that there is for these types of products and often put together incomplete products
which purposely miss out huge pieces of the online money making jigsaw. This missing piece is
not done so by accident either, it is done so that each new product which is released would
offer a solution to this missing piece.

Now that does not sound too bad right? well the problem we face is not solely with the product
itself, its the fact that the sales material provided tells a completely different story all
together. The material often paints the picture of a full system laid bare, no other
information required, you can be alerting millions per year from the comfort of your own home.
These so called internet "guru's" have become masters in the art of copywriting, the information
you read on a products sales page / email, in fact all most anywhere the item is promoted, and it
is all so easy to pull out your credit card and purchase, which is why there are so many
"guru's" with more money than sense.

Due to these false claims these are some cold hard facts;

  • Nearly 50% of people have spent at least $ 5,000 on these products
  • 81% of people say that have gotten little or no use out of them!
  • 44% have never earned more than $ 100 in there BEST month online
  • 86.9% think they cant put to use what they have learned

(information taken from 5 independent surveys of online marketers)

Now compare that to the many emails and sales letters you read, not quite the pretty picture
you are lead to believe?

So whats the answers? There is a lot of money to be made online, and there are products out
there that can "hold your hand" and give you a blueprint to work from with no missing pieces,
my big tip tip is to do as much research as you can, find someone who does not give the thumbs
up to every single product launch, and a huge tip is to read forums as they are the most
unbiased source of review you can get. Do not pull out your credit card every time a new shiny
product is launched look into it first and see some proof from the creator and make sure them
are alerting the money that they say you will be learning in 3 minutes from purchase!
Internet marketing CAN allow you to have the financial freedom you need, just be more than
aware of the clever marketing tactics around you.

Source by Andy Hart