Success Trading Academy is an online trading robot which was allegedly established by a group of prominent investors who share a common passion for making the world a better place. This is what they claim to be.

The official website of the investment solution states that they were brought together by their similar professional backgrounds which include experience in the Forex, cryptocurrency exchange, and contract for differences market.

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Our investigation revealed that this data has nothing to do with the actual truth. Research results show that the true creators of the auto-pilot solution merely just belong to a group of online scammers.

This is why users should be extremely careful when proceeding to open trading accounts with the automated software. There is a very high likelihood that they might never get any returns on their initial investment.

Since the auto-trading robot is most likely a scam, users can either Proceed to Safe Binary Robot OR Pick a Trusted System from the following list.

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Basic Information:

  • Price: $37 Monthly Fee
  • Software: Algorithm-Based Trading System
  • Max Returns: 100%
  • Min Deposit: $250


  • 28 Different Interactive Video Courses


  • No Clear Founders
  • Winning Ratio Remains Undetermined
  • Not Enjoying Popularity Among Users
  • Unreliable Platform
  • Known to Have Withdrawal Problems

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What is Success Trading Academy System?

This automated investment software is claimed to be able to provide peril-free trading operations to users who may or may not be experienced traders. The problem is that it does not manage to deliver the promised results.

One of the more dubious things about it is that it creates false expectations. The official website states that online investors can anticipate earnings of up to $1,500 on a daily basis. Statistics, however, show that very few of them can achieve such profits.

User testimonials go on to prove that the provided Personal Coaching Call is not very helpful and most people just struggle to get the small monetary sums that they have earned transferred to their bank accounts.

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Since this profit-accumulating solution is not a reliable and authentic trading robot, it is best for online users to register for free with a truly genuine software. A possible option is the QProfit System by Jerry Douglas which has an established winning ratio of 97.5%

Interesting Fact:

This auto-pilot robot allows users to engage in social trading. While the investment style itself is a fine method of earning an extra dime on the Internet, the displayed list of traders which one can follow with this system is not real at all.

How Does the Digital Investment Tool Function?

It is stated on the official website of the automated robot that it applies the best principles of Forex, contract for differences, social, copy, and options trading. This is not exactly so as we managed to determine that the list of users, whose investment one can mimic, are not genuine.

The initial sign-up is also not free. Users have to make a symbolic deposit of $37 every month in order to utilize the services of the trading system. This is not okay as most legit auto-pilot robots provide free access.

The only positive characteristic that this digital investment tool has is its extensive virtual library of written and video learning materials.

Is the Digital Trading System a Scam or Legit?

This auto-pilot software is not a reliable and trustworthy choice. There are too many contradictions about it. Users who wish to put its services to use must make an annual monthly payment and have to engage in additional downloading.


Its applied trading platform is also unreliable. One of the main things which discourage traders from opening accounts with it are the ongoing problems with the deposit and withdrawal procedures. It is not uncommon for the transfers to just never arrive at and from people’s credit and debit cards.

Final Thoughts

SuccessTradingAcademy System is nothing more than a lousy scam robot. It is not capable of providing even a single opportunity for online users to achieve financial success and earn a solid additional income.

There is a tremendous amount of negative feedback about it. Investors better consider more authentic choices if they wish to become prosperous on the Internet. The present income-accumulating solution will do nothing but damage their trading portfolios.


t10demo_high_risk_stampOur investigation team conducted a comprehensive investigation on SuccessTradingAcademy to find out if this product is genuine. As a result we cannot say that there was enough evidence indicating if SuccessTradingAcademy is generating high profits. We found many reasons that made us suspicious about this robot being a scam.


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