Does the Supreme Complexity MT4 Expert Advisor really work, or is this EA trading software just another overhyped scam? This EA is created for traders to penetrate into the major trends in many currency pairs, allowing automatic trading of prices off their highs and lows. Tested for the past 10 years, the owners of this expert advisor have found that their trading logic would work over the long term and created profit every year.

1. My Experience So Far With Using Supreme Complexity Trading Tool

By using this system, I have found that it is reliably easy to profit from currencies as opposed to manually analyzing the markets and inputting trades by myself. Another additional benefit is that it can be used to profit by new traders as well who do not yet have sufficient skills and knowledge to make money with treaties themselves.

2. Review of Some of the Features of Supreme Complexity

This EA is programmed with accurate take profit levels that allow it to find the most optimal price points to get out of it trades as well as to exit unprofitable trades that are going against the trading logic. I would say that by looking at my own trades with this software, the advanced stop loss management system is one of the aspects that truly separate this trading tool from the many others that I have tested before. Profits are locked in quickly and this feature is constantly demonstrated in its past 10 years of trading results.

3. Does Supreme Complexity Automated Trading Software Really Work In The Long Term?

So far, it has managed to achieve a similar strike rate in its live trading environment, although I would say that further live testing is required before one can really say that it will work in the long term in a live trading environment. This fully automated tool is completely compatible with ECN brokers and 4-5 digit brokers.

Programmed with professional-designed trading techniques, it can help anyone trade multiple currency pairs at the same time, something that a human trader would find difficult to manage manually.

Source by William Barnes