Survey Sites That Pay By Check

Internet survey sites can either pay you by Paypal or by check. Depending on your preference and how much you shop online, there is good and bad way to receive you money. I’ll share the pros and cons of both of these payment methods.

In this day and age, just about everybody is on the web. Whether you’re just now starting to do surveys, or you’ve been doing them for a couple of years now, you always have your personal preference when receiving your money. Have you been using the PayPal payment option at the internet survey sites you’re with, or have you been getting a check sent to your house? Whichever way you choose, here are the pros and cons of each of them, so that you can make the best decision for yourself in the future.

PayPal Payment – Over 90% of internet survey sites are now offering this service to their members. Some people are still too scared and uncomfortable to make an account with them, though, and would rather get a check in the mail. What I can tell you, though, is this: I’ve been getting my money like this from these websites for over three years now, and I have not once run into problems. I tend to do quite a bit of shopping online, though, so it’s perfect for me. Even if I didn’t do so much online shopping, I would still choose to get my money this way, because it’s instant and I can transfer it to my personal bank account in 1-2 days. It’s just plain quicker than a check. Survey Sites That Pay By Check

Payments by Check – This is the traditional method. More and more people who continue to pick this method of getting paid are doing it because they don’t have a bank account at the moment. There’s nothing wrong with this. If you need to get your money this way, because all you can do is cash it, then go for it. Other than that, there’s no real reason to get this payment method any more. You still have to wait a week to get your money in the mail. After that, you have to go to your bank and deposit it. When that is done, you have to wait an additional 3 business days for the check to clear, since most internet survey sites will not be in the same State that you live in. Those are the big differences between this and getting a PayPal payment. It’s ultimately up to you, though.

I recommend getting paid by PayPal from the internet survey sites you’re with, but if you’re not comfortable, or don’t have a bank account, nothing is wrong with sticking with checks. Survey Sites That Pay By Check

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