Trading under Extreme Volatility conditions in Feb 2020

While the month of February started with the Broad markets on a nicely Bullish mode, things quickly changed in the second half of the month, as the Corona Virus became a global health crisis.

Most trades were positioned at the beginning of the month with a Bullish bent, and these trades had to be adjusted. But this was not going to be enough.

A Hedging strategy was required to counter the extreme moves in the markets, with a Correction of over 12% by the last trading day in February.


Proprietary Swing Signals and Extreme Volatility

The OptionTiger Swing signals program uses a couple of key Proprietary Indicators like the Multi Time Frame Trend indicator (MTFT) and the CustomRSI.

Using these signals in a stable market can produce 8 or 9 winners out of 10.

However, in extreme Volatility conditions, Markets move mostly on Fundamental / Global / Macro-economic events.

This is exactly when Trade management and Risk management comes into play.

Watch this video to see how the Swing signals program countered this Volatility and turned it into an opportunity worth $25,000 in profits in the month of February itself.


Recap of February 20 Video in the Swing signals program


Other Trade Videos in February – NVDA for $8000



IBM for $3200 profits and other trades during Earnings



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Proprietary Swing Trading Signals


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