Swing trading is a widely used and very profitable trading method. This style of trading is applied to a wide variety of markets around the world with equal accuracy and profitability. Trading can be very profitable but it does take time to master and fine tune your skills. A viable solution to trading full-time is to trade part-time. This is especially good if you are just starting out and need some way to pay the bills with a full-time job you may be working but also want to trade part-time so you can begin your trading career and start spending the time it takes to master trading properly. If you are looking at some way of trading part-time, then the most important factors are what market you should trade and the kind of time frame. Both of these are important because if you are working it will affect how much time you can monitor your trades.

Working full-time means you can’t be in front of your screen watching trades constantly. The truth is that you really shouldn’t be glued to your monitor watching trading charts. This kind of trading might be fine for bankers who get paid to do this but it isn’t ideal for the private trader. The best time frame to trade part-time is either the four hour or the daily chart. These two time frames are big enough to allow you time to get home from work and monitor your trade but they are also small enough so that you don’t have to wait weeks upon weeks before you get a potential trade setup. Trading time frames that are below the four hour greatly increases your risk and also makes it difficult to manage. You don’t want to be at work stressing about your trade that you have open.

The other factor full-time workers need to consider is what market you are going to swing trade. Swing trading works on any market but markets aren’t always open when you are able to trade. Do you work nights or days? What markets interest you the most? If you work the normal 9 – 5 job and can’t get time off during the day to trade, then you may want to consider forex markets. These markets are open 24 hours a day and you have a variety of different currencies to trade. This makes it easy to find a currency pair that is active and can be traded when you have finished work. If you work nights, then you have a much wider choice of markets and may want to consider not only forex but also stocks and precious metals. Regardless of which market you trade, be sure that it is active and can be traded when you aren’t at work.

Swing trading as a part-time trader is definitely possible. Just make sure you trade four hour to daily time frames and that you pick a market that is both active and open during hours you are able to manage your trades.

Source by Creztor Tessel