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What Makes the Swiss So Special?

Lots of people wonder why a small country, locked between the Alpes, the Jura Mountains, and the Swiss Plateau, that has no natural resources or raw materials has managed to earn the title of being the home to the most innovations created in recent years.

Switzerland is also known for being an extremely financially secure and prosperous region. It is also the native country of the creator of the popular and well-respected HBSwiss Forex robot Hans Berger and his childhood friend Bastian Hermann who gave him the original inspiration and idea for the trading software.

How really did a country, best-known for its beautiful landscapes and its sheep and cow herding traditions up until the 18th century, manage to revolutionize the way we view technology? The answer is both simple and complicated.

Swiss merchants had to do their best to be as innovative as possible in order to compete in the often harsh international markets. The motherland is small so trading only within its limited borders wouldn’t have been enough for salesmen to acquire enough to support their families.

Did You Know?

The level of innovation that a nation hold is measured by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) on the basis of the patents applications sent each year. Official statistics show that Switzerland has the highest number of all the other European countries. The index also takes into account human capital levels, as well as market and business sophistication. It is no wonder that the HBSwiss System which gives solid daily results was also founded in Switzerland.

Home to Multinational Investments

Switzerland’s flagSwitzerland’s rapid economic development in the last couple of centuries is mainly attributed to the fact that it has managed to attract skilled immigrants. The Swiss have always been famous for their hospitality and high product and service quality.

This is even something that Hans Berger wanted to implement into the interface of his HBSwiss Software – the sense that the investment technology is finely-tuned and users can rely on it completely.

Most of the country’s costs for research and development (about 60%) is covered by the private sector. Given the fact that this is a very small piece of land, the accomplishment is simply incredible.

A good example of the multinational trading operations and investments that happen in Switzerland would be the pharmaceutical giants Roche and Novartis. It might sound surprising to some but the companies’ headquarter are actually based in the town of Basel, pouring in lots of financing into the city. It also frequently partners with small- to middle-sized businesses, stimulating the local economy.

Interesting Fact:

Another good example of the multinational investments and the innovations that happen in Switzerland is the bank UBS. Dave Bruno, Head of the UBS Innovation Lab, led a presentation entirely in the realms of virtual reality with using technological devices like iPad games and apps to beam the interactive data straight into the VR headset.

Innovation Leader of the World for Six Years!

Switzerland has been awarded the golden crown for being the most innovative country in the world for the last six consecutive years. Given the massive flow of foreign investments into the country’s economic, which is close to the amount of its gross domestic product (GDP), then this tendency will most likely continue in the future. It is also one of the top spots for Forex trading, as is evident from the daily results of the HBSwiss System.

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