For example, in Turkish, the name for hookah is nargile, in Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian dialects it is known as ghalyun, in Arabic is shisha and many other names can be found all around the world. The hookah was created for the first time in India, but it became really popular in Middle East and is still gaining popularity in all the other continents. The Syrian hookah is an instrument with which people can smoke tobacco, but its functioning principles are a bit more complicated than the ones of cigarettes.

A Syrian hookah is a smoking instrument that has a long and flexible tube connected to a container. Here, the smoke is cooled and filtered by passing through water. There are regions where people smoke this type of pipe as part of their tradition and culture. Social smoking is done with the help of single, double or even several hoses. It is a complete ritual, where the smoker is given two options: one is to place the Syrian hookah back on the table, signifying it being available, and the second solution is to hand it from one smoker to another.

Syrian hookah also needs hookah charcoal in order to be heated. There are different types of charcoal available, all having the purpose of heating the bowl. Some of these are easier to light and arrange than others. When a person smokes a Syrian hookah, it is important to properly manage the heat transfer. This is the whole key, because the perfect hookah smoke is not given by the burnt tobacco, but by the evaporation and vaporization of all the honeys and sugars from it. And this is the reason why hookah charcoal is preferred, instead of an open flame.

After being used, the Syrian hookah must be cleaned, especially if the owner wants to feel the true flavor of the tobacco next time when he smokes. Some of its components need only periodical cleaning, while others will need cleaning after every use. Such component is the tank where residues remain after the smoke is filtered through the water. The dirty one will be poured out after one use and a new one will be added in the tank and left overnight. These are just part of all the cleanings that must be done for each component, so the next time when the Syrian hookah will be used, the tobacco flavors are not be mixed to one another.

For people who are interested in trying new things, a Syrian hookah can be really pleasant. These instruments can be found on the Internet and people can try different brands of shisha with various flavors. For the beginners in this field, it is important to remember that using hookah charcoal instead of open flame is one important aspect when it comes to smoking Syrian hookah.

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