TAI Robotic Trend Indicator – Review

Make sure to check what we have to say about this software, before you join!

TAI Robotic software is a brand-new trading algorithm created by Alex Knecht and his programming team. The system is true innovation as it integrates A.I. for first time into the binary options trading method. Most importantly the APP is 100% endorsed by the trading community and we definitely want to take a look. Currently there is not reliable turbot trading application available for free and this one looks very promising. Especially because you can choose the brokers even trade with multiple brokers and so on. Really interesting concept with no false promises, just trading platform suitable for novice traders.

With this review, we`ll give you some inside information about the system, how it works and what results we have experienced during the test period.

What’s Special?

The system has integrated many brokers and when you register you can choose your brokers before you register!

TAI Robotic Trend Indicator – How it works?

According to the creators they are using the very same technology, which recently has been used into the car industry. Where a car can drive up to 90 MPH without a driver, forecasting all variables on the road. Pixels, that’s the key, those type of algorithms are forecasting all possible outcomes by reading the patterns. Now, we do not know how exactly the algorithms work or are there any of the well-known trading strategies or indicators integrated but we do know that the performance is very high and improving. Someone once said, “A.I. is the future of our generation”, and basically TAI Robotic is just another Proof, similar as Tesla, SIRI, and other faces of the A.I.

How the platform of TAI Robotic works?

The software relies on two type of trading methods: high frequency trading technology and Long Terms. HFT – that this means in normal English is that the Application is trading turbo positions. From 60 seconds, up to 5 minutes, mostly on currencies. In addition, the system uses many correlations. Meaning that if the algorithm finds good support on EUR USD but the pair do not offer good strike rate the algorithm skip that trade and look for correlation and can execute Call option on USD JPY. The long-term algorithms rely on very long trades, end of the day and few days long trading setups.

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Alex Knecht – the creator?

We don’t know anything about him since he is not part of the trading industry but he works as programmer for big German concern involved into the car industry. However, we do not claim to be online guru or famous trader. What we do know is that at least he dares to share his real face to the wide public, for which he deserves respect. In nowadays most of the software creators prefer to stay in the shadows.

What the industry says about this system?

Well, you know usually the community opinion is the highest indicator for an app if its good or bad. Simply because if something is bad the social media will be instantly flooded with negative comments about the it and no one can stop that. TAI Robotic however is a system, which enjoys really high reputation among the community. So, do not trust us! Go read about the system and look what you can find. We have done that, and we came across only positive feedback coming from the traders and from the whole binary options community!

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Our experience with TAI Robotic?

We have been given with the chance to test the system for about a week. The results where ranging between 70% and 90%. Yes, some may say its big range but keep in mind that we managed to turn $250 into $1500 for 5 days. That’s 600% grow on our initial invested capital, which makes TAI Robotic one of the leaders into the industry. So far, we have never experienced such high grow for only 5 days of trading.

TAI Robotic Review – Conclusion!

Currently the best auto-trading software available for free on the market. The system is tested and proven as profitable. You cannot hear any fake promises or ridicules claims inside the presentation or into the presentation website. Moreover, the community is fully endorsing the system, which is the most important in this case! We highly recommend this software as reliable investment tool for novice traders.

Review Verdict: TAI Robotic Trend Indicator is fully functional profitable trading software. HIGHLY recommended for new traders as easy to use auto-trading tool!

Trading industry is a cruel place. Many sharks and very few legit services. Make sure to always double-check your help-trading tools and their reputation before you register. Often you can become victim of a fraudulent system if you are not careful. Our team is dedicated to check and give opinion on various trading solutions for both Binary Options and Forex. We make sure that the systems we endorse are safe for the investors.

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