We’ve taken a trio of our amazing blackjack games to try to discover just why they are so much fun. These three games are for anyone to play – expert or beginner – and present an amazingly realistic gameplay environment for this ever-popular card game. The point of the game, as always, is to get to 21 or as close as you can, but each of these reinventions has a cunning twist!

Blackjack with Hot Streak Bonus

The additional features on Blackjack with Hot Streak Bonus mean it’s so much more than a classic game of European blackjack. The Hot Streak Bonus feature lets you put a side bet onto the flames on the right hand side of the baize. This gives you 1.5x your original stake if you win a hand. Win again and this increases to 3x and even 6x, however, if you lose a hand during the streak you also forfeit your Hot Streak bet. For a fiery variation on traditional blackjack, Hot Streak is certainly worth a try.

21+3 Blackjack

21+3 gives you two games in one. In this version, you have the option to put an extra wager on a three card poker hand, on top of playing against the dealer for the closest cards to 21. This bonus game uses the three cards that start the blackjack round – the two face up cards you are dealt and the single face up card belonging to the dealer. How do you win? When these three cards make a winning poker hand! Straight flush, three of a kind or flush are just a few ways to win.

Multi Hand Blackjack with 1000x Bonus

Three blackjack hands at once means three times more fun! That’s exactly what Multi-hand Blackjack lets you do, playing three sets of cards against the dealer, each with separate chances to win. There’s also the chance to place bonus bets, which could award you with up to 1000x!

There are a whole host of online blackjack games available at Kerching so why not come along and give them a go!

Source by Marcus Miles