TechFinancials 2016 Report Shows Boom In Far East

In early April TechFinancials Inc, a brokerage and binary options platform group, released their financials. Not a great deal of attention was paid to them, and in fact the results seemed to underwhelm the market, with the organisation’s shares trading down by 13% immediately following their release.

Wider Trading Trends

There was one element of TechFinancials’ figures, however, that has ramifications for Binary Options as a sector. There is often quite a bit to learn from TechFinancials’ numbers. They remain the sole publicly traded Binary Options business going. Their reports allow for inferences concerning the whole trading sector.

The report has demonstrated that China is of considerable importance, not only to TechFinancials but to Binary Options in general.

TechFinancials Binary Boom In China

85% of the organisation’s total brokerage revenues for binary options during 2016 were a result of the company’s joint China-focused venture – DragonFinancials. Not only does this mean the business’ OptionFair brand has reduced – but also that the entire firm didn’t have much brokerage activity last year beyond China.

TechFinancials’ report also revealed they had increased B2B revenues by focusing on Asian markets.

Given that TechFinancials’ second half revenue increase was entirely down to their brokerage business, it’s evident that the market is suffering increasingly harsh conditions where start-up, technology- and service-based binary options brokers are concerned.

Position In The Global Markets

When viewed from this perspective, it’s possible to gain a vital glimpse into the binary options sector’s position in the global market.

Ongoing bad press has hit the European and western market for binary options hard. Traders in the west have become wary of binary options. The bad press hasn’t affected binary options in China, however, and there is still a great deal of growth showing in the brokerage start-ups and volumes that are being traded. Indeed several recent financial trading events and conferences based in China and the surrounding area have focused almost exclusively on binary options.

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