Tesla is a company that is always in the news for one reason or another, but mainly due to its owner Elon Musk who is more than happy to challenge the media and anyone who doubts the cars that Tesla produce.

Elon Musk

He also has the flair for the extraordinary. When one of his other companies, SpaceX, completed a test flight into space, he attached a Tesla car to the top of it, making it technically the fastest a car has ever travelled.

The reality of Tesla though hasn’t quite been as spectacular as it has struggled to turn a profit given the high cost of production and the inability for the cars to be sold to a huge amount of people, due to the market cost.

They have struggled to keep their promises and the deadlines they have set out for themselves. If this was any old company then it might be seen as somewhat of a sinking ship. It isn’t any old company, however, and it isn’t run by just any old man.

The Future Is Electric

Tesla is the future; their cars have shown that electric vehicles can be both stylish and efficient. They have shown that you no longer have to sacrifice performance to be good to the environment. Surely it will only be a matter of time until a Tesla car is as common on the road as any other?

They are backed by a billionaire inventor who has an absolute belief in his company and what it can achieve. Their cars will be driverless, clean and fast. Due to the fact they are pushing the boundaries, there will probably always be challenges along the way, but you’d back Musk to be able to overcome them.

A Great Time To Back Them?

With its recent wobble and doubt about its profitability, now might be a great time to back Tesla as a company to achieve great things. It’s hard to see how Tesla’s share price could suffer for any length of time. They are still backed by many and an investment now could see your shares rise as high as that Tesla car that is currently floating through space.

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