I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw the Tesler Software scam website! These scammers will go to great lengths to make it seem like they are legitimate. Who are they fooling with a name like Tesler software? Do they think that people will believe that this has something to do with the Tesla the car company? I’m not sure whether that’s their hope but on this page I’m going to share my full review and expose this scam.

First things first…

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Tesler Software – 100% Scam System

So is Tesler a scam? I really hope you are finding this page before you get started with the Tesler software because I have to warn you that it’s a complete and utter scam. Similar to one scams that have launched recently in the cryptocurrency niche like Omnia Tech and CryptoFundz. Fortunately for you, binary is dying, it seems that Tesler system is just about the only binary options scam that is still going. So what is tesler all about? Luckily for you I’m here to share my honest review and help you avoid this nasty scam. Be under no illusion that the tesler software has nothing to do with the real company Tesla. The people in the sales video are actors and are not genuine people.

The creator of the tesler trading system states that “For me Tesler is all about helping others (just like you) make money from 100% risk free binary trading”. I can tell you from experience there is something massively wrong with this statement. There is no such thing as 100% risk free binary trading, it simply DOES NOT exist! The very fact that he is telling you it does exist is a lie and is just reason to add the tesler scam software to a growing list of reasons why you need to avoid this system.

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Also did you notice the women that he went to visit? Seemed an awful lot like an actor right? Plus who would just turn up at someones house with a film crew without even letting them know they were coming? Clearly this whole video is staged and is all part of their scam to convince you to sign up to their 7 Tesler software which will scam you out of your cash!

How Does Tesler Software Work?

You might be wondering how exactly this Tesler software will scam you? It starts off with you hearing about the tesler system and signing up to get started. Of course the sales video is supposed to convince you that they have the solution for making money when in truth it’s a lie. After you sign up you’ll be told you need to make a deposit so you can fund your account and so that their Tesler software has a balance to make trades with. The minimum deposit is $250 however you are always encouraged to make a larger deposit, after all the bigger the deposit the more money you can make (that is what they will tell you) but in reality it’s the more money they will make when they scam you as you won’t make a penny. After you do this you’ll get access to your account and the Tesler trading system will start making automatic trades for you. However these trades won’t be good trades they will be completely random and you’ll start losing money. You won’t be able to stop it though, it will keep trading automatically until you have no money left and you’ll soon find your account balance hit zero.

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Once this happens you’ll be left wondering why it happened and perhaps wondering if you made a mistake. This is how the scammers get you, they’ll say you put the software on the wrong setting or something and they’ll try and convince you to deposit more. They’ll even try and get you to deposit things like your life savings and really try and maximise the amount of money that they can scam out of you. It’s very sad but they have been known to scam people out of $1,000’s especially vulnerable people. Also they employ sales people who use high pressure sales tactics in order to get you to deposit more money and they can be very convincing. If anyone calls you up about binary options I recommend you ignore them completely! This is all part of the tesler software scam and it won’t help you one bit!

Conclusion – Tesler Software Is A Scam

After taking a closer look I have no doubts that Tesler is a scam and I am warning you to stay away from it. Do not get sucked into their fancy presentation because everything they talk about is a lie and they are only out to get your money. The people behind this scam have been behind dozens in the past few months alone and collectively have scammed people out of millions. It is really not worth your time, or money to waste another second on this software.

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