“If you are looking for fabulous Thai house design or any form of  home design anywhere in the world and looking to create a wow factor then look no further. The secret is the ‘Asetti’ design team. This Thai house design team are really special and their designs fabulous. They certainly love what they do and recently were described by Calendar Magazine as ‘simply the best at what they do ‘.  Their web site thailandhousedesigns.com show cases some of their recent works and is well worth  checking out.

Asetti was set up with a small group of some of the best Thai architects and interior designers. Each Thai architect has a specialty and as a team they offer superb architectural services both in Thailand and internationally.  Their Thai house designs are magnificent and  their passion for creating something special each and every time shows through. The attention to detail is amazing and the creative spark bursts out from every direction. It does not matter if it’s traditional Thai, modern minimalist, Balinese or European they just know how to do it.

Since their inception their proven track record is unquestionable. They offer the very best in international luxury house design in addition to resorts, hotels and developments.  Their imagination is boundless and for anyone looking for something very special then speaking to Asetti can only help you on your journey. House design in Thailand has flourished and this group of Thai architects has been at the forefront of  a new fresh approach to the design process; thinking outside the box and creating unique house designs both in Thailand and overseas in whatever style a client desires.

Projects have included a spectacular Italian Palazzo Villa with indoor pool, an awesome new themed Casino and Hotel Development, a floating off Shore Island with luxury hotel and floating markets, in addition to other high end projects.  If it’s the wow factor you are looking for, then Thailand House Designs guarantees results.

More recently I was lucky enough to be shown a glimpse of what is to come. Asetti are working on two world class homes: The first being an incredible 2000 sqm luxurious Thai luxury house. This beautiful tropical home seems to float on a series of interconnecting lotus ponds and can only be described as paradise waiting.  The Thai house design is magnificent and words hardly describe its spectacular appearance and features. The Thai architect worked closely with the creative head and together formulated something really beautiful. A Thailand house design that surely is a dream in paradise.

And if this was not enough to wet anyone’s appetite for the spectacular, then the new amazing ‘James Bond House’, surely will.  Waterfalls, pyramid with interior tropical garden, vast dome with Sky Bridge, floating walkways, alternative energy systems, revolving sphere, tropical pools, spiral staircases, glass lifts and water features that can only be described as stunning. Currently being designed in Thailand, behind closed doors the results will surely be spectacular when finished.

We all dream of a wonderful luxury home at some point in our lives. Thailand architects, Thai house designs, asking a Thai architect and South East Asia perhaps do not spring to mind immediately if we are in Europe, America, Australia or say the Caribbean. Or even India or China.  But with the upsurge of massive interest in Thailand, global development and the expansion of the communication via the internet; Thailand house designs are raises eyebrows and getting rave review throughout the design and architectural community. We are so used to Western architects and European designers we are only really starting to see the emergence of Asian architects and their works.  And well deserved it is too. It is also clear many European and American designers now go to Asia for inspiration and are learning many ideas from these fresh new Asian architects and designers.

Thai architects have been designing for years. They have created some of the finest hotels, spas and resorts in the world. Thai home design has developed in leaps and bounds with Asetti raising the bar every time. You can see some of the most spectacular new home designs in Thailand and many international business people choose Thai architects and Thai designers to assist them now with their home designs.

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