Long before the Economic Meltdown of 3 years ago …

I believed that everyone should find a way to Make Money Online … and that doing so was something that was imperative for America's Working Middle Class to do.

It was probably 20 years ago that I first recognized that there was a trend going on where employers were demonstrating that they felt less and less loyalty towards their employees when there was an opportunity to fatten the company's bottom line.

At that time … there was not much that an average person could do … other than take whatever was offered to them … and continue to go to work every day.

Many-many decades have passed since an average person could feel confident about having Job Security … even if they worked hard, and put the needs of the company that they worked for first.

That same number of decades have passed since most companies have reciprocated, and placed the needs of their employee's on the same level as their desire to turn a profit.

In today's world … there really is no such thing as Job Security for the average person.

Hundreds of thousands of high paying jobs have been outsourced … or moved permanently to countries where labor is cheap … especially High Tech … and Manufacturing Jobs.

I remember saying to someone a few years ago … "If we can not get jobs Manufacturing Products here anymore … Then we better figure out a way to get in on the marketing of the products that other people are manufacturing for us . "

Over the past 10 months I have had hundreds of conversations with Working Middle Class People about the subject, and potential of … Finding A Simple And Affordable Way To Put Average People In A Position To Market Goods And Services.

More often than not … those conversations lead to The Internet … and the reasons why The Internet is the best place to succeed.

What follows are … The 5 Best Reasons To Find A Way To Make Money On The Internet.

Reason # 1

Because It's There!

When he was asked by a newspaper reporter why he wanted to climb to the Summit of Mount Everest … British Mountaineer George Mallory simply replied:

Because it's there !!!

The number one reason why you … me … or anyone else should find a way to make money on The Internet is because it is right there in front of us … and available for us to use.

Why would anyone not put a remarkable tool like The Internet to work … if they could?

The Internet is without a doubt The Greatest Invention that has come along since Henry Ford invented the very first Moving Assembly Line in 1913.

I know that a lot of the people who will read this article would probably argue that the invention of The Personal Computer is more important than the invention of The Internet.

But the invention of The Internet in 1973 gave life to a device that specifically made it possible for most companies employees to be more productive in the workplace …

Just like the Moving Assembly Line did for manufacturing goods back in 1913.

Used in conjunction with a Personal Computer … The Internet now makes it possible for each of us to reach out into the world … To Communicate … To Explore New Places … To Locate Long Lost Friends … and for our purposes today:

The Internet Allows Us To Market Goods & Services To Anyone And Everyone
The Internet also levels the playing field from a Commercial standpoint.

The Internet makes it possible for an average person with a computer and a website … to compete for business right alongside The Giant Retailers. Who by the way … are all scrambling, and trying willingly to position themselves to claim more than just a small share of what may soon become the Biggest Marketplace the world has ever known.

Reason # 2

Because Anyone Can Do It

It has never been easier than it is right now for a person to start … and operate … a viable business right from their own home.

These days a person can sell almost anything via The Internet.

The list of Goods and Services that are available to choose from range from a Gulfstream VI Jet Airplane for a cool $ 45,000,000.00 … to private Psychic Readings on The Internet for around $ 3.00 a minute.

You just have to sort through the multitude of products and / or services that are available for you to sell on your website … When you make sales you can have those products delivered electronically when possible … or drop shipped directly to your customer .

All you really need is a Simple Website … which can be setup for you for as little as $ 15.00.

Then all that is left for you to do is to find a way to announce your presence on The World Wide Web … to let people from all around the world know that you are ready and willing to be of service to them.

(I will be discussing the Nuts and Bolts of how to do that in an upcoming article.)

For less money than what one months rent on a Commercial Retail Space … A small one man operation can have the same online presence … as a Giant Retailer.

Reason # 3

Because We Should

If recent history (business trends over the last 20 years) has taught us anything:

History has taught us that there is no such thing as a job that we can call our own anymore.

Anyone can be Laid Off … or Fired.

Downsizing is now the weapon of choice for increasing profits.

It quietly started out as Corporate Greed from employers trying to increase their profits … by exporting American Jobs to countries where they could find people who were willing (and eager) to work for less money than they had previously been paying American workers to produce their products.

With a few exceptions …

There is little loyalty left towards the employee from his, or her, Employer.

So what do we do now to protect ourselves, and our families?

The answer is …

We know that it's simple to start … and operate … a business from home.

So … In one form or another … that's what we should all try to do.

Reason # 4

Because It's The Biggest Marketplace In The World!

If you're a Giant Retailer you probably have about 144,000 different products on your shelves for your customers to choose from.

But if you're an Internet Marketer … there are millions and millions of products that you could possibly sell through your website (s).

The World Would Truly Be Your Oyster …

Your only real limitation would be just how many websites would you be willing to construct … and put online … to sell all of your Goods and / or Services through.

Not only would you have the whole of North America, and Europe, to market goods to …

But you would also have the two Emerging Consumer Nations of India, and The Peoples Republic of China to sell to.

They say that when one door closes … another one opens.

While we may have lost many thousands of jobs due to Outsourcing …

That practice has also provided the workers in those countries with disposable income to spend on Goods and Services.

If we are not making those goods anymore. Someone will still have to market them …

It makes perfect sense that we find a way to do as much of that marketing as we can.

Those people who put them themselves in position to market Goods and Services both here in North America, as well as to the Emerging Consumer Nations … will have the least need to worry about making money … or worry about having a job. .. because they will have a pool of over six billion consumers to work for.

More likely than not … They will never feel the urge to look for a job ever again.

Reason # 5

Because Of Our "Why"

We all have personal reasons why we would want to get into business for ourselves. For some it might be not wanting to have to punch a Time Clock ever again … for others it might be a life long desire to buy a certain automobile … or to build their dream home.

For people who have families … Their reason may be to have one parent stay home with the children.

But the most common reason that I heard from the people who I interviewed was … Financial Security.

Whatever a person's "Why" might be … it's absolutely what causes them to take action.

I just want to say that of all the reasons for us to look for a way to make money online …

Our own personal Why is the most compelling reason.

So … If you have a Why of your own that you would like to satisfy …

The Internet is the perfect place for you to find a way to satisfy it.

Source by Allen A Butler