Outsourcing, which is a popular term these days, signifies the contracting out of a business function that might be performed in-house previously, to an external provider. It is also said in business terminology that outsourcing is the hiring of a third-party organization to perform some tasks that are not feasible for the outsourcing company to perform itself due to unavailability of material and human resources, and other such reasons. It is often seen that outsourcing is done overseas and the reason is simple that skilled labor is available there in much less rates. For example, India has one of the highest English speaking populations outside of the US. This made India an ideal option for outsourcing their business for most of the US companies, especially those dealing in the call center services.

The most popular outsourced businesses at present are the call centers. They have increased in leaps and bounds over the past decade. There are three primary types of call center services available at present in the market, these are: inbound call centers’ services, outbound call centers’ services, and web-based call centers’ services. As said above, India is a preferred choice for outsourcing for many big firms abroad. There are a large number of products and services firms that have their call centers outsourced to India. In fact, India is considered as one of the leading markets for the purpose of call center outsourcing by many reputed business houses. Many global and Fortune 500 organizations like General Electric, Dell, American Express, Amazon, and AOL use the technique of outsourcing owing to its benefits. Given under are some major advantages of call center outsourcing:

•   Call center outsourcing makes available for a firm skilled labor at cheaper rates. It eliminates the need to provide the monetary and non-monetary benefits to the outsourced business employees as a firm provides to its regular employees.

•   It has the highest turnover rate among all other industries.

•   It allows a business to increase its office space and staff, which would not be possible for it otherwise. • Once outsourcing is done, the CEO of the outsourcing company is not required to think much about the expanded business; he can devote his time to other matters that require consideration.

•   A business can provide 24×7 services to its customers through such outsourcing as the outsourced call centers are often located in a different time zone.

•   Call centers in india gives opportunity to a business to make use of the infrastructure, technology, and other resources, which it itself not possesses, to get hold over the market.

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