Chess is a great game which is based on war. According to Bobby Fischer, the purpose of chess is to “crush your opponents mind”. Chess is a fun game which can take quite a bit of time so you need a bit of patience. It is important to stay focused and create and follow certain strategies, which is pretty similar to real wars. Because chess truly does look like a war game you can find different chess sets with various designs and themes. Playing a themed chess game, for instance civil war chess, can be much more fun than playing chess with traditionally designed pieces.

The Great War, which occurred between the Southern and Northern states, was an inspiration for the civil war chess sets found on the market today. Chess sets with a historical theme are quite popular among the chess players.

The famous battles that were fought between the Confederate Army and the Federal Troops will never be forgotten. If you play chess with a Civil War chess set then it almost feels like you’re on the battlefield, planning your next move. Chess is like war and your tactics and skills will play an important role in losing or winning the battle.

There are many variations of Civil War chess sets and the design of the pieces can be really astonishing. Hand painted pieces filled with details can really contribute to the overall feeling one gets while playing a game of chess. Civil War chess sets are produced with different materials like oxo-teak, wood and metal. The costs of Civil War chess sets usually depend on how detailed the pieces are and the size of the chess sets. 

There is such high demand for Civil War chess sets and so few suppliers, it can sometimes be hard to find one. Because of their rarity, Civil War chess sets are quite expensive, nonetheless it is a nice investment. Because some Civil War chess sets have a rich history, a market for collectors items has been established. If you are interested in a Civil War chess set, then you can browse through Google where you will find loads of offers.

The game of chess is extremely popular and it has resisted the test of time for a reason. A chess set like this can provide you a lot more fun because, not only can you duel opponents with one of the most famous games through history, but you can also exercise your imagination.

Source by David Powers