What are the benefits of a medical live answering service?  If you are a doctor then no doubt you can appreciate the need to communicate with your patients.  You have to thoroughly communicate during a visit, and the same can be said of telephone communication.  Just how much effort do you put into phone communication?  Probably a lot considering that you have hired an experienced secretary to take notes for you.  However, what happens on the weekend or during a weeknight?  Do you continue to offer the personal touch or do you relegate the duty to a machine?  Perhaps the lovely recorded voice of your secretary assuring patients that their call will be returned as soon as possible suffices.

What can you do?  You can’t very well justify hiring a nightshift secretary, as this will drastically increase your expenses.  A live answering service can help you in this regard.  A live medical operator can communicate with your patients via telecommuting technology and interact with them on a personal level.

Just in case you’re wondering, this highly trained medical secretary will know how to respond in emergency situations, as well as various types of medical cases.  The fact that he or she will converse with your patients will help in making the patient feel important and appreciated by your office.  At the same time, it will drastically cut down on answering machine messages, since patients who have not been helped by a person tend to call back repeatedly, wondering if their message has been heard.

You can also request that priority messages (based on your criteria) be immediately relayed to you via cell phone text, phone call, voice mail, email, pager or fax.  You can rest assured that a medical live answering service will only deal with medical calls—your patients will not be competing against thousands of other retail or tech support clients from other companies.  In fact, medical answering services limit the number of clients that representatives can take on to ensure the best quality of service. 

How much could this service cost?  It would have to be far less than hiring another secretary or else it wouldn’t be practical.  It is!  When you work with a live answering service you are not hiring one employee but ordering the services of one company, one company dedicated to your success.  Hiring a virtual operator may help endear you to your patients, and organize your calls—even long afterhours. 

Source by Kurt Duncan