There are different forms of brain waves that our mind produces, and these are beta, alpha, theta, and delta brain waves. The theta waves are the brain waves that are directly related to the subconscious mind, hence they are the ones that are used in the process of theta healing.

Theta brain waves have greater amplitude and slower frequency than beta and alpha brain waves. In contrast to the beta waves, the theta waves work in the subconscious mind, hence they are associated with daydreaming and relaxation. In fact, when the mind releases theta brain waves, that is the time when they are relaxed and free from any worries. It is known to be a positive mental state.

Theta brain waves are also associated with creativity. In fact, people “tap” their theta waves in order to get their creative juices flowing. One way of doing so is through brainwave entrainment. This is being used by artists nowadays so that they can enhance their creativity. In this process, the person listens to a specific sound frequency in each ear. These sounds can influence the patterns of your brain waves, so you can actually control or adjust your default mental operating state and change it within the range of theta waves.

Also, since theta brain waves are associated with positive mental states, they can be used to heal physical and mental problems. Theta healing works using this principle. The theta brain waves can soothe uncomfortable thoughts that a person is experiencing, especially since these thoughts and feelings can be accessed through the subconscious state of mind. This brings about a positive change in you, not to mention provide relief to several health problems like insomnia and stress.

Aside from brain entrainment, there are still several ways that you can try to enter the theta state and bring about theta brain waves. Examples of these are deep meditation and deep insight.

The theta state can be used in behaviour modification programs. In fact, theta waves are now used as a treatment for alcohol and drug addiction. It is also an ideal state for self-hypnosis, dream recall, and bringing about changes in your life.

Source by John Tyler